Wedding dream

Here’s the dream from last night, as posted on [info]callwolf

I was getting married, but it was arrange and it was to someone I didn’t want. I remember hating my dress, thinking it wasn’t me at all, and looking down at my bouquet. It was a single calla lily blossom. No stem, just the ‘head’ or flower portion. It then changed into a little brown burlap bag (about as long as my hand), inside of which was a single large green seed. My attendants started to complain their seeds had started rotting. I was so upset they would never grow, and that people didn’t appreciate them. I remember saying I wanted green as a predominant colour in my wedding, and this was the only way. The dress was a short satin-ish wrap dress, off-white in colour, ‘gently-used’, with applique beaded flowers (calla lilies too?). I hated it. It kept slipping, so I had to adjust all the time. I hated how short it was, and that it was so inappropriate. I also noticed I was wearing black stockings, and off-white mary-janes. I begged my maid of honour (can’t remember who it was now) to delay the ceremony so that I could remove the offending stockings. I pulled them off, took a deep breath and told myself I could do this. I walked in, and waved to everyone. I was disappointed that people weren’t really paying attention and didn’t seem all impressed. I remember reaching the end of the aisle, and meeting my husband to be. I don’t remember who, but someone interrupted, and started talking. I noticed we didn’t have the attention of the crowd at all. That’s all I remember.

I do remember feeling disappointed, annoyed, forced, and then accepting and kind of sad. Frustrated. I was upset that nothing was “me”, that I had no choice in anything, except the seed and it was rotting.

[info]potbelly13 pulled two cards for me: The Emporer from Tarot and the Birth card from her Angel card deck. So, as she said: “Creative will power and the force used to get things the way you want them on the physical plane. You will get your way! Just don’t ride rough shod over people to get it.”

I’ll be doing a reading for myself on the subject too, and figure out what the Calla Lily represents traditionally (I’ve been doing alot of reading on flower symbolism lately. I think I may have grabbed the info with my mind)

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