The paranormal

I mentioned in my [info]callwolf journal that Pat and I had had an interesting conversation after watching an episode of paranomal state. I feel the need to share our discussion, the background and what came of it.

Firstly, Paranormal State is a new “reality” show on A&E. The idea is this: There is a paranomal research society at Penn State, run by this guy named Ryan (catholic, had issues with demons in his past, has incredible resources, has done work for the Catholic church). In his team, he has a tech crew (cameras, motion sensors, recording devices, EMF readers, etc…), a documentary crew, some trainees and a golygosh! A real life witchie! Normally, I actually kind of enjoy the show. It validates some of my own experiences and perhaps even some of my ‘abilities’. I also find it interesting to see how someone from a Catholic background handles these things. That said, I do find the token witch a little annoying. She doesn’t really seem to know what she’s doing, and very stereotypically gothywiccangeek with poor social skills.

I caught a commercial for last night’s episode and I was immediately interested. The commercial described the “encounter” as this: A girl was suddenly attacked by what felt like a winged creature/creatures, and then felt pressure on her chest. I too have had a similar experience, so I really wanted to know what was up.

What Happened to Me:
When I was about 14, my best friend and I were having a sleepover in my parents basement. It was quite late (2am or so) and we were finally starting to fall asleep. As two young teenaged girls, we would go to bed and then talk for hours until we passed out. As we were both slipping away to sleep, we both awoke with a start to the sensation of many winged creatures dive bombing us. I, at the time, thought it was bats. The strange thing was, there was no movement in the air, and we didn’t “see” anything (the basement was pitch black), it was just the sensation. At first, we were frozen, but then we confirmed with each other what we were feeling and both were terrified. We cried and begged it to stop and leave us alone, and eventually I think we just cried ourselves to sleep. I vaguely remember pressure on my chest, however that may have just been fear.

This was the beginning of my foray into paganism, as I started looking in to what this may be

What the Episode was about:

Anyway, turns out the episode wasn’t really advertised properly, because it wasn’t anything to do with “winged” figures, but rather some half-human native changeling creature. I was really unhappy with how the whole thing was handled.

At first, they called in some people from the native community, who confirmed something bad was up, and it had to do with a poisoning or damage to the land. The elder and the medicine man specifically told the group not to touch the land until they returned to fix it. They also said that to fix the problem, the new homeowners need to start giving back to the land, rather than causing damage and taking. Meanwhile, the group brought in a medium, did “Dead Time” (3am convos with whatever is there) and confirmed that there was something on the property with trickster like attributes. Of course, everyone immediately starts pointing the finger at Coyote. (The description of the creature was that it could onlybe seen out of the corner of your eye. Makes sense. It seemed to have half human features, narrow sharp teeth, thin thin red lips, a veyr small nose as though it had only half grown, white white skin. Doesn’t sound like Coyote to me. Outside, people heard what sounded like a whole lotta coyotes). I wont really say much more about what was going on unless you want me to. The main point here is that the team immediately went outside the next day, moved some rocks, dug some holes, etc. When the elder and medicine man returned, they were NOT happy about this. Something about a doorway under one of the rocks they moved, etc. etc. They did a smudging and went on their way (lots of editing here, you can tell). Immediately afterwards, the team decided that the creature was still around and decided to provoke it at the next dead time and then used the “power of jesus” to try to kick it out. They essentially ignored the native folk and did their own thing


It just bothers me that they had these amazing resources and decided to ignore them, even though it was obviously out of their frame of reference. They then wrapped everything up by digging more holes on the properly to set in some Michael coins. I was not amused.

That said, it was neat to have Pat, at the end of the episode turn to me and be like “They really fucked that one up, didn’t they?” And I was like “What do you mean?”. He pointed out everything I noticed and told me he even got goosebumps with what was going on (he NEVER gets goosebumps, even when cold), and could tell that ordering a native creature around “by the power of jesus” was probably not the brightest move.

From there, we started talking about energy work (you know, ye old ball of energy between the hands?), and his ability to give and take heat from people and things. He wants to do some of the energy exercises I have and is interested in doing the totem meditation.

I never thought that this kind of thing would be something that he and I would share. I’m really happy it is :)

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