Happy Imbolc

Happy Imbolc everyone.

I hope that this is truly a return to the light. The last while has been very dark and hard for me. I could really use a reprieve.

I have a bunch of stuff planned to celebrate the day. To begin, I’m cleaning and finally cleansing the house. I also plan on blessing the heart of the home, my creative space and say “Heya!” to the good neighbours.

Next on the plan, I want to do a cleansing for myself and Pat. We have been going through a lot of bad luck the last while, so I want to make sure that we are clear of any possible hexes, ill-will and so forth.

I then want to do a “I promise to work really hard if you help me find a better job!” spell for both of us

Next up, a blessing for creativity, creation and inspiration in honour of Brigid.

Finally, I want to do my totem guided meditation.

It’s going to be a very productive day :) After all of my running around this afternoon, I spent the snow day cleaning. I just have to finish up laundry, the dishes, the craftroom and then vacuum before I do the cleansing. I think I’ll also do the litters, just to be nice to Pat.

I have so much stress going on right now, I really hope it calms down after this. I have stomach pains, I’ve been clenching and grinding so hard at night I have migrains and I broke a tooth last night. I haven’t been eating well, if at all, and my whole body hurts. It’s not a good scene. I want to do all I can to fix this, but I think I need some divine help too. On a side note, I’ve started morning pages again. So far I’ve only had bad luck increase since I started. Maybe it’s a sign. I don’t know.

I feel like I’m entombed by the snow, forced into a time of solitude and contemplation. I’ve come to a few decisions and I have a new understanding of certain things. My situation is very much of my own doing. I now need to take control and fix it.

I think I’m going to go have a sleepy time tea with some honey to calm my mind and my stomach before bed. I need to be at the top of my game tomorrow.

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