I hope everyone had a really great Imbolc. My weekend was extremely busy and extremely productive for me.

Friday and Saturday involved much cleaning. I wanted to have the house ready for it’s cleansing, so I started on the main floor, went upstairs and then to the dreaded basement. I cleaned. I dusted. I washed. I vacuumed. I deodorized. I did all the dishes and all the laundry. I cleaned both bathrooms. The place was shining. Once clean. I got myself ready for the ritual.

Firstly, I cleansed myself, having a nice hot shower, asking Brigid to cleanse me with her healing waters. Then, I dressed myself intuitively. I ended up wearing a lovely off-white skirt and a flow-y off-white shirt with lace and sequin embellishments. I wore silver and amber jewelry and put my hair back in a braid. I also wore my bright blue coin belt.

Now, I am definitely more of an intuitive green witch type when it comes to ceremonies. It’s generally on the fly with whatever feels right. I like elaborate ceremonies enough, but I prefer to do what feels right with what I have. So, I set up my alter on my kitchen counter. I put down the candles we made at a previous rit to signify the directions, and then salt at the north for earth, incense at the east for air, a red candle at the south for fire and blessed water at the west. To start things off, I cast a protective circle around myself and the pets. I then did a smudging of the entire house, deosil, starting on the main floor, working upstairs, an then working down through the basement, returning to my starting place in the kitchen. I asked all spells, spirits and negativity not in harmony with me and my family to depart. I introduced myself to the spirits of the land, including the good neighbours. I praised the house. Afterwards, I did the same deosil tour of the house, but cleansing with the elements. Again, demanding all energies not in harmony with me and my family to leave. I then did a third tour, and sealed all of the doorways, windows and mirrors of the house with blessed water.

I then did a blessing of the hearth and heart of the home in Brigid’s name. To wrap things up, I offered the spirits of the land some tobacco in welcome, to announce myself as a friendly neighbour, respectful of their place. I then made it an offering with some more sage.

I then left some tea and cookies out for Brigid and took rest. It was an exhausting day, but I could immediately feel the difference in the house. I was planning on doing a job/money spell, as well as my totem meditation, but it just didn’t feel right. It was a dark moon on a Saturday, so I wanted to wait until the correspondences were better aligned with my intention.

Sunday afternoon, I felt a strong sense of peace and comfort in the house. I snuggled myself up in a blanket on the couch and let my worries just float away. I think I’ve realized this weekend that Brigid and I get along famously. I think she is going to stay a good friend for me, and a part of the ladies that I turn to for strength and inspiration.

I hope everyone had a great Imbolc and that the light shines bright for you in its return.

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