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Need a Change Reading

Spread: Need A Change from Ann Moura’s Tarot for the Green Witch

1. What to let go: Ace of Coins: Prosperity, big commercial success, financial security, new money making ventures, new job, business ventuers, etc. etc.
2. What to embrace: Page of Swords R Cunning, deceit, unfinished projects, lack of preparation, taking inappropriate shortcuts, change of plans, unforeseen events, obstructions to learning.
3. Obstacles or negative influence: Five of Coins R. Relief coming, courage to find hidden opportunities, temporary difficulties, overcoming troubles in relationships
4. Assistance or positive influence: Strength R. Blame placing, emotionalism, unconfident, sentimentality, boasting, short-sighted, compromise.
5. Look here for direction or assistance: Page of Wands R. Fool. Impatience, petty rivalries, uncertainty, flattery from a false friend, easily influenced, used to achieve another’s goals, lack of forethought. Awakening, fearlessness, courage, joy of life, enthusiasm, new beginning, hidden potential about to be revealed, creativity, fertility, open minded, innovation, fresh ideas, playfulness, recreation, originality, primal energy.

Erum. Thoughts?

My Interpretations:

1. I need to let go of my focus on the job hunt. I have to stop obsessing over finding something new and making crazy cash.

2. I need to embrace my crafts, the things I’ve left hanging since this job-hunt obsession, such as my knitting, my sewing, dpt, letter writing, etc… the things that make me happy and inspire me. This is also what I used to use as my identifier card, so maybe I should embrace my younger shadow self. Hrm. I think I also need to let myself be more open to change and to the pit stops on the path.

3. My obstacles, I think, are my waiting for things to get better. That relief is coming, that these troubles are temporary, etc etc. I need to “man up” and face these things as they are now. Also, it is obvious that certain relationship troubles are acting as obstacles right now, though not necessarily my relationship with Pat

4. Maybe I will find help in being weak, in letting my guard down, by not being so strong all the time. That I have to focus on the now and be short-sighted, rather than obsessing over the future, let my emotions rule a bit more.

5. Now, I can’t tell if this is me being the crappy user, or if it’s someone around me who is that person, but who can help me? Again though, it seems to me the message is enjoy the now, be more spontaneous, stop worrying so much. Let the inner child out to play a bit more. Either that, or I need to find those two people to give me help. Ideas?

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