Satan and Pugs


Now that’s an interesting dream.

It was Heather versus Satan. Like, red, cloven feet, horned, SATAN. He was something more of a trickster figure in my dream, causing all sorts of mischief and trouble for me, and eventually it led up to a full on scary confrontation. Dude. When I woke up sick this morning, I was winning.

After being ill for a couple hours, I fell back asleep and dreamt that I had a pug. <3 He was soooo cute!

These dreams brought to you by Guitar Hero (Pat is playing “Lou”), Paranormal State and Cute Overload. These things should never be combined before bed. Bad idea.

What the Satan dream meant:

Dream Spread
First cards: Page of Wands, R. Two of Cups.
1. Feel of the dream: Five of Coins. Rewards in the future, not the present. Unexpected expenses. instability, hidden opportunities, feeling isolated, obstacles, being over-extended, bondage, Waiting for improvements.
2 & 3. Main message of the dream: Strength & Four of Coins R. Fortitude, courage, power to achieve goals, control over situation, overcoming obstacles, power used wisely, perserverance, self-discipline, will. Materialism, greed, pent-up creative energy, miserly, coming into a legacy, gain from loss, delays, uncertainties, fortunes changing, further gains difficult, blockage in financial endeavors.
4. Underlying message of the dream: Seven of Cups R. Fear of failure or wrong choices, unable to decide, delusion, gifts rejected, improbable ideas, false promises, self-deception, confusion
5 & 6. The reason it was dreamt Hang Man & Eight of Wands R. Period of transition, paused activity, contemplation, letting matters eveolve without interference, meditating for answers, inner peace, peatience, discretion, turning point coming soon, giving up some things to gain others. Deception, journey cancelled, creative tensions, selfanalysis stalls progress, hastily made decisions or foolish impulse has far-reaching consequences, discord, delays, family quarrels interfere with career, travel plans delayed
7. What to take from it: Ten of Cups. Emotional contentment, family and personal achievement, Life has meaning and ourpose, Happiness with firm foundation, recognition, reputation, family heritage, reaping rewards from efforts, satisfying emotional commitments.

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