Feast of Damballah

Eee! I’m so excited! I’ve been invited to my very first voodoo ritual!!

Here’s the backstory, feel free to skip if you want:

I’ve been crossing paths with this one woman, Z, for the last year or so. We’re both bellydancers (I’m Tribal, she’s Cabaret) and we’re both a part of the Pagan community. She’s the one that asked for volunteers to do the photo shoot for the Witches Gathering that I took part in last year. We finally met in person at a Tribal event last weekend. She gave me a big hug, asked for my help again this year, this time coming up with a theme. (There is a ritual and the dance, they can have the same theme, or seperate. Previous themes have included Norse, Egyptian, Celtic, Wiccan, and Sumerian. Last year was a Wiccan ceremony with a “Dancing in the Dark” theme) I suggested Voodoo, Dias Los Muertos and Grimm Faerie Tales, wanting the community to be more inclusive.

Today, she sent me an invite to join her Feast of Damballah! I don’t know if she’s going to be that woman on my path that the reader predicted after my falling out with “John”, but I’m just really excited that I have an opportunity to learn and experience this.

She’s going to be giving a brief introduction to voodoo before the ritual, so that I know what’s going on before we get started.

This is the invite I received:
This a a feast day for the Voodoo Loa, Damballah and Ayida-Wedo. These are very powerful deities that promote healing and bring more peace into one’s life.
We will be celebrating and honouring these gods. There will be a brief info session before ritual.

Participants are asked to wear white, green or rainbow coloured clothing and each bring a special offering for the Gods or small monetary donation to offset some costs.

Please do bring musical instruments for the energy raising during ritual.

Some refreshments and pot luck will be offered following the service.

I’m a little nervous about her expectations of me as a dancer, as I have no idea what I’m doing without a lead or choreography. I am NO good with improv.

Eee! So excited!

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