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Dreams and a reading

Was hoping to go to work today, but my cold and tummy kept me up all night. Unfortunately, once I did fall asleep, the cats decided it was their turn.

In the short time that I did sleep, these were my dreams. I miss them.

One. Ranch like setting. I am visiting for the summer. Extended family, perhaps? I am out, helping Farmer with something when I see the horses in the field. I spot The Horse the same time she sees me. We pick each other. I gesture, as a test, and she comes over.

We ride, and we are free. She is brown, light on her body, dark in her mane. We ride throughout the open country side. One day, I take off the saddle, and decide to ride her bareback. Terrifying at first, but exhilarating. We both get carried away and ride into a neighbouring farm land. I had been warned never to cross the boundaries, and to make haste if ever I do. So, we flee back to our own land. Our farmer and theirs see us though. (Note: the other farmer is a cow farmer). I am told upon our return that I was rude to the neighbours, that I should have stopped, apologized, and walked the horse back. I tell them I did as I had been told, but they ignore me. I am to be punished.

I am sent away, to learn to ride and act like a lady. Only then will I be allowed to see my girl again.

I am heart and spirit broken.

Away, I make friends, though I try to keep my head down to just get through and get back. These friends try to bring me out of my shell. They are troublemakers, but not in a malicious way, just in the way that you are as children, pushing boundaries. There is this one boy, long dirty blonde hair (like my horse) and blue eyes takes a fancy to me, and tries to figure out who I really am. He seems a good girl, who is afraid to be herself. He decides to help me, so we study together.

Coming weekend, there is to be a dance. We are all excited, though at this point, for whatever reason, I embrace the idea of being myself. We are trying to pick music for the car ride down.

Two. Lisa-Marie has this house of healing and expression. Sarah Beth and I are there for a day of workshops I guess. The house inside is old and grand, and everything is white, flowy or turquoise. When we arrive, she is in a session with someone, though I don’t know what that means. So, we wait and talk.

To start things off, I am asked by LM to start the stretches while she finishes off with her last client. I feel honoured. I command attention and impress the fellow students. I am full of pride and grace. We can each feel the energy in the yogic stretches I am leading (note: I recognize these from the Kundalini classes I have done with Kat). After the stretches/yoga session, LM joins us and asks us to gather around this grand white table.

There, our group is no longer just women, but men as well. To my left is Sarah Beth, to my right is a blond haired man with beautiful blue eyes (could be an older version of the previous boy. Hair is shorter and far more blond). Across from me is LM. The exercise is to sing some lines that have been provided to us in whatever way we see fit. LM starts. I realize she has the same piece as I do. I am happy to hear her interpretation. It goes clockwise from her, and so after Sarah Beth, it is my turn. I realize then that my piece is actually part one of two, and the Blonde Haired man has the second part. All I remember from my piece is “Rose Red”. This man made me feel appreciated, talented, beautiful and….pure? I can’t say any person has ever made me feel that way…at least not in adult life.

Scene suddenly shifts, and some of us are to dance. It is an improv, and the dream me is confident, strong, excited, pleased and not at all nervous.

I just did a Tarot reading:

Six of Cups: Living in the past, trying to recapture good feelings from the past into the presentLonging for the good old days and the opportunity to bring some of those memories into the present, but with care and relevance to the current life so that the current experience is still meaningful. Reunions.

Seven of Cups: Many choices lay ahead and while each may seem inticing, only one is the right answer for me. Warning against daydreaming rather than using the necessary energy to bring goals into fruition. Meditation and vision quest advised. Prioritize options. Will power needed to achieve goals.

Justice Acting deliberately, with purpose. Power of law, retribution, balance, truth, virtue, an agent working on your behalf, advice.

Seven of Coins: Hard work=fruit of labour. Wait for the proper time, don’t rush the harvest. anticipated gains, nurturing a project or a plan, work decisions need careful consideration, working hard to acquire what is desired.

Four of Swords: Repose. Stepping back from a conflict to reassess the situation with calm thought. Need for respite from the battle, but also awareness that letting down one’s guard is not an option. Being ready to fight may in itself precipitate a pause in conflict. Introspection, replenishment, fatigue, energy grounded, not the time to make definite plans, period of self cleansing and releasing the emotional burdens of others.

Six of Coins, R: Overspending, avarice, loss through negligence or theft, debts, unpaid loans, money owed to others, others envious of your success.

Two of Cups: Union, love. Satisfying partnership, joy, happiness, Sense of well-being that is shared with another, mutual respect and enjoyment, new phase.

Nine of Wands: The Fortification of solid accomplishment. You have the energy and strength to handle any problems that may turn up. Success does not go unnoticed and calls forward energies of competition. State of readiness to deal swiftly and thouroughly with the opposition, inner determination is key, and is harmonized with the individual to create inner peace and victory. Regroup thoughts before continuing.

Huh. Well, that was dead on.

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