Lately I’ve been having some interesting dreams.

The other day, I dreamt of a blue heron taking flight from a deep blue body of water. I felt a sense of freedom in the flight, of power and graceful strength.

Last night, I had another dream. This one centered around a fox.

I found a fox amongst pet ferrets. She was a beautiful little thing, looking tired and hungry. I wanted to keep her, but knew it wasn’t right to keep her caged. First, I acted out of reaction and literally tossed her outside. She looked hurt, but came back anyway. I apologized, upset at myself for having hurt her. I hadn’t meant to. I just thought she wanted to be free. I knew then that if I got her back on her feet, and let her go, she would be happier and may come back to me again, in her own time.

So, I fed her, and kept her warm and put her outside so that she could leave when she was ready. I made sure to check on her, to keep the dog away from her. She left that night and I was sad to see her gone. I remember a feeling of hope that she might come back to me, but at least now she was where she belonged.

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