Since my trip to the cottage this past summer, hummingbirds and birds in general have been appearing to me. I’ve now had three hummingbird dreams since then with what I think to be the most significant happening just the other night.

First, the hummingbird hijacks a dream in process. It flies up to me and hovers near my face, near my ear. It then approaches me carefully (as though I might run away) and begins to…well, the only way to explain it is to say it fed from me. It chose the first hole into my body it could find, which ended up being my nose piercing. It fed from me as though my blood was nectar.

So, I’m going to look at this from Ted Andrew’s workbook:

-Colour? Body was blue, head was green and I think it had a few feathers in red.
-Size? Small
-shape? Typical hummingbird. Slender, graceful, long beak
-Behaviour? Caring, comforting, calming, joyful.

Keynotes: Tireless joy and the nectar of life (Huh. Interesting!)
Circle of Power: Daytime

-Humming restores internal balance and health
-Reminds us to find joy in what we do and sing it out
-Associated with fire, relationships, past and future.
-Flight is a symbol for infinity and links the past and the future and the laws of cause and effect
-Could not live without the flowers that they feed from, and many flowers could not live without them due to the pollinating that they do

– teaches cause and effect and how to extract your own nectar.
-Flowers for healing
-explore the past
-Associated with rain and endurance
-May be a message about the sweetness of your own life. Too much? Too little?
-Fiercly independant
-Hard workers
-Create joy in the home
-Important to get regular and deep sleep to prevent burning out
-Accomplishing what seems to be impossible

Wow. Certainly a lot to consider! I think I may need a reading on this! What do you guys think?

Meanwhile, this is beautiful to me.

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