I suppose I should introduce myself

Before I dive right in there, I should probably introduce myself. I feel like I’ve done a million of these HELLO MY NAME IS…Heather posts, but it is important for my readers to know where I come from, and how it led me to this place in time.

So, where should I begin? Well, it’s true. My name is Heather. I’m 26 years old and I currently live in a west end suburb, on the outskirts of Ottawa, Ontario. I’m a gemini, with way too much on my plate. I live with my fiance, Pat. We’ve been together 9 years this March, off and on (mainly on, with some remarkable bits of off). He proposed in November of 2008 and we’re due to be married this June.

We live with our dog, Maddie, our two long-haired cats, Byron and Cole, and our two snakes, Pele and Salazar. This will be changing within the next couple of months, as my Mum is fighting cancer and we are moving in with her to make her life a bit easier.

Until August of 2009, I was an Admin Assistant to a small engineering firm. I was extremely miserable in my job, but thought that I didn’t have too many other options available to me. You see, I have a Bachelor’s degree from Carleton University. My major isn’t well known, and can most easily be classified as Gen Arts. I always thought that my ideal career would find me one day. Well, that day has yet to arrive. I’ve tried a few different things, and so far, nothing has made me happy. All of my job experience is in the admin or customer service field.

After about 8 months of stress, knowing that I had made an enemy of my boss shortly after a promotion to finance and was next on the chopping block, my predictions came true. I was told that I had so badly messed up at my new job that I had mis-allocated about 200, 000 dollars and that because of this mistake, I was to be escorted out of the building with 2 weeks of severance pay. Amusingly, the mis-allocation happened because no one corrected a simple mistake I had been making since my promotion. My supervisor never trained me, so I was figuring out the job as I went.

I have been applying to countless jobs and programs in the hopes of moving on, but times are hard in the Nation’s Capital. Without strong French skills, I am at a great disadvantage and so far, nothing has worked out.

Meanwhile, while all of this has been going on, I’ve been attempting to reconnect to my faith. I lost my Dad quite suddenly in September 2008, which shook me to the core. I’m not associated with any specific group, though I tend to call myself Pagan, with leanings towards Hedgewitchery. I’ve been practicing for 12 years now.

I am crafty and artistic. I’ve been drawing and painting as long as I can remember. I knit and sew, and play around with webdesign.

Well, I think that sets the stage for upcoming posts.  It’s great to meet you :)

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