Like riding a bicycle

I know there are people out there who would disagree with me, but I think that I’ve moved a lot considering I’ve lived in the same town for 21 years. I’ve moved from Winnipeg to Orleans. Orleans to Tunney’s, Tunney’s to Lincoln Fields, Lincoln Fields to Orleans, Orleans to Downtown, Downtown to Orleans, Orleans to Barrhaven and now, Barrhaven back to Orleans.

It’s kind of sad, how many of those moves are from wherever (generally apartment with a friend or two), back to my family home in Orleans. I honestly thought that the next time I’d move, would be into our dream house in the country. Unfortunately, the world has other plans for us.

We’ve gone from talking about moving to Mum asking us to come home, to it really becoming reality. Through word of mouth, the friend of a cousin of a friend of my Mother’s is looking for a house exactly like ours, ASAP. We weren’t even sure we’d be listed before April, and here we are without a Real Estate agent, and our first showing is lined up for this week.

My honey has never really moved much. I mean, as a kid he did a little bit. Orleans, New Brunswick, Killaloe, Barrhaven. Once settled in Barrhaven, he was there for all of his teenaged years. Once he moved out, he bought in Barrhaven again. He is not one for much change. It freaks him right out.

For me, I thought it would be harder. Scarier. Yet, I’m finding myself going through all of the old motions. First, cleaning for inspection (in this case, a showing), Deep Cleaning, Showing, Praying, Packing, Cleaning, Moving, Unpacking, Cleaning. It’s a rhythm that I have learned and am already repeating.

We cleaned out the basement for the first time since we moved in (about 2 years). I cleaned out the dining room, which now actually looks like it could be used for entertaining. I know that if this showing doesn’t go well, and she doesn’t want it, that the Big Clean and Packing will begin. Most of out stuff will go into storage, the things we’ll use will move to Orleans, with the exception of the few bits and pieces that we’ll keep around for staging. Once the house sells, we’ll pack up the last bit and send it off to storage or the house and begin the process of unpacking.

Why did my therapist and my family think that this was a good time for me to start a new job? I think we’re going to be hopelessly swamped with work and things to do that we’ll both burn out in about a month. By the time the wedding rolls around, I fully expect to be exhausted and miserable.

Not exactly to plan. Ah well. Life is in control now. We just need to do our damnedest to keep up.

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