Just a quick note everyone: I’ve added a bunch of posts from my old LJ to round things out a bit. I plan on posting my pagany goodness here from now on so I might as well provide a bit of a background.

I have been practicing actively for about 12 years now, though I started on the path a few years before that. I consider myself a Green Witch, though I have a bit of a hard time defining what that means. To me, it means that my focus is predominantly home and garden based. I tend to come up with rituals on the fly, mainly involving items from my kitchen and garden, though I do lots of reading and pull my beliefs and from years of study. I am on the path of the Hedge Witch, though I’m not 100% comfortable with that title yet because of my very basic understanding of shamanism.

I had experienced things as a child that I needed explained (I have premonitions in the forms of dreams and I sometimes see and feel things that most people can’t). I started out, like many, with Wicca, though I was never initiated. I started doing Tarot readings almost immediately and still feel an incredible bond to the art. Eventually, a couple of years later, I found Wicca far too restrictive and had some issues with its foundation, so I moved on to incorporate other elements on my own.

The last few years I have been solitary, though for most of my teens and early twenties, I worked very closely with a small group of friends. I find it hard sometimes to be on my own, without anyone to encourage and push me. I have some history with members of two major groups here in Ottawa and as a result do not feel comfortable working with either.

So, there you have it. Feel free to ask if you any questions :)

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