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Kiss Me, I’m Irish

Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone!

We’re not up to much, as our quiet little suburb doesn’t offer much in the way of Irish celebrations, and you’d have to be a nut to try and find a pub downtown tonight. Apparently, according to the news, they were packed by noon today. St. Patrick’s Day was never much of a big deal to me anyway. I wear green all the time, and I don’t need an excuse to enjoy a pint. I’ll just stay home, read some books on hedgewitchery and hang out with my snake and my honey :D  See, Pagans, Snakes and Patricks can get along just fine!

There are two other big events that happen this time of year. One, my sister-in-heart, Sarah, was born today 27 years ago :) Two, 9 years ago tomorrow, Pat asked me to be his girlfriend. G’aaaaawwww :) The big plan is to hit up the local fine italian dining restaurant that everyone is talking about (that supposedly Mike Fischer took Carrie Underwood to) and to lay low. In reality, I will spend the day picking up stuff for the wedding (a bunch of the DIY elements, like frames, yarn and fabric), spend some time with my Mum and then make my way back home for dinner while Pat slaves away at the office.

This is us, shortly before we started dating. I don’t know why I’m pouting, but I’m sure it was a well deserved look

I have to say, most of the time being unemployed sucks alot, but when the weather is this beautiful and you can feel the warmth of spring in the air, I love it.

Have a lovely day everyone!

2 thoughts on “Kiss Me, I’m Irish”

  1. I’ve be browsing around and I just wanted to say that you are such a beautiful gal! And your blog content is really great! Looking forward to your future posts sweetie pie!

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