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Happy Ostara everyone!

I’m probably not going to be doing much this weekend to celebrate, as Pat and I have to get the house pretty and sparkling for our Realtor who is stopping by Monday or Tuesday to discuss the sale of this place. Usually, I would be attending my an annual spring Stitch ‘N Bitch hosted by my good friend, Lisa-Marie, to celebrate, but unfortunately, without my car and with so much to do, I have to miss again this year :( I’m doing what I can to cheer myself up despite missing out on all the bellydancing bra-burning goodness. This helps:

Yes, I’m a Gleek. I love the camp, the happy and the singing. So much fun <3

Oh, and these guys. I adore them. I can’t wait to get my hand on their album, Sigh No More.

So, back to the topic at hand. There are some great blogs out there, talking about Ostara and ways to celebrate. One of my favourites today is The Domestic Witch. I think I’ll take her suggestion and turn our cleaning into a cleansing.

Meanwhile, another beautiful blog, also titled Domestic Witch (are we getting a sense for my taste in these things? Yes? Good :)) had a really great post today that brought back a memory of my pagan past. Long ago, when I was very new to the path, I was very unsure and very scared. I didn’t know where to start, or where to find my answers. I remember sneaking off to the New Age section at the local book store. I forget the specific book now, but I remember flipping through one that resonated with, only to find a little note inside. It directed me to The Pagan Playground, one of the only pagan stores in Ottawa. It was then I realized that there was a community in Ottawa, beyond the highschool girls who had only read Starhawk. It also made me feel special, like someone had left the note for me specifically. It was great! I love the idea of leaving these lovely Wish Tickets in books that mean something to me. I think a trip to Chapters may be in order!

Oh, I meant to add that I ended up putting off wedding shopping the other day and only managed to pick up yarn for my garter. It is perfection. It glows, it shines and its so soft! It’s Silk Rhapsody Glitter by Art Yarns, and the colour way is the perfect blend of ivory and a light grey blue.

Of course, I’m sure it’ll be a nightmare to work with (mohair and I go way back. I remember swearing it off years ago. So much for that). I had knit a wrap sweater that turned into a lovely little shrug (ah, gauge. You are my eternal foe)

Cute, right? Well, it’s supposed to be full length. And it was my first big project ever. I tend to dive in head first, without thinking. The number of times I frogged this thing, I became quite familiar with the lovely way mohair tends to bind itself together. Ah, good times.

I may or may not have had to frog the garter once already. I refuse to confirm or deny. Just pass the wine.

Ah well, I can’t complain too loudly. I almost walked out of the store with a 65$ skein of beaded and sequined cashmere. Don’t ask. I loose all sense the second I’m surrounded by the pretty pretty. On the plus side, the lovely owner of the shop informed me that they have Thursday night knit nites. It would be so nice to sit down and knit with people again, especially so close to the house in Orleans.

Anyway, have a great one everyone!

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