Rest in peace

I’m sorry for the silence lately. Stress is taking over and my body decided the best way to deal would be to stay awake as long as possible. Insomnia is not my friend.

Yesterday, one of my best friend’s best friend’s fiance died. (Sarah’s friend, Jaimen, lost her fiance in a construction accident). My heart is broken for them. I wasn’t close to Jaimen, nor Jesse, but through Sarah I would get weekly updates about their wedding plans. They were getting married at the same venue as us, about a month before in May. They were using our baker, our DJ, and our menus were almost the same. I felt connected to her, as I’m going through the same stressful process of wedding planning. Now, her whole life is shattered. An industrial accident took her fiance away from her forever.

Since Dad’s death, my relationship with mortality has changed. I’m so scared about losing the ones I love that witnessing such pain and hurt so close to home has rocked me.

I am sending all of my love, prayers and thoughts to Sarah, Kyle, Jaimen, her family, Jesse and his family. I ask that you, my readers, please send them all the love and strength you can spare.

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