Wish I could stop to breathe

I don’t know what happened. This year was supposed to be awesome. I’m getting married in June, all the associated parties, hanging out with friends, it all looked great on paper. Somehow, The Powers That Be missed the memo. Everyone I know seems to be having a harder time of things than usual. I really hope that those days are fading with Spring’s approach, because I think we could all use a break.

One friend has Strep Throat and has had her roommates mutiny on her, so she has to finish school, find a new apartment and get ready for the wedding. Next friend has been the rock of support to everyone since Jesse died, but still has to be a Mama to her 7 month old daughter, take some courses, and start job hunting for the fall. My sister is completely stressed over the work she has to finish this semester, Mum’s health and her trip here. My best guy friend, Isaac, just found out he got the job of his dreams, which is great, but it means he’s gone for a year and will most likely miss my wedding. I’m not sleeping, or eating well, and according to my nearest and dearest, my body is going into survival mode, demanding the most calories that it can, to keep going.

Breath. We all need time to breath and heal. I need to start taking care of myself.

But, no break for me! The house is now painted. It feels more like home now, which is such a tease. All of the awful pink is gone and replaced by a Real Estate Agent Approved Neutral. I was expecting to hate it, but it’s actually quite nice and works well with the red/orange kitchen and the blue tile. Our basement is now a lovely light blue. Phase 2 involved installing laminate floors down there too.

I’ve been trying to keep it clean, but it’s nearly impossible with a big fluffy shedding dog and two big fluffy shedding cats. I was ecstatic to receive our first wedding gift: A Dyson Animal!

Unfortunately, it seems to have outsmarted me. It came with a whole wack of attachments, and I can’t for the life of me figure out which one I’m supposed to use on the stairs. So, here I sit, googling Dyson attachments, letting myself get distracted by music (Florence and the Machine “Drumming” is my current fave). Tonight, I have to clean the house as Real Estate Agent Man is coming by again soon to have us sign the paper work and to see the new paint job. We also have to seed the yard, as we’re supposed to have a beautiful weekend, and the yard is mainly dirt which we’ve been told isn’t a huge selling feature. Odd :P

This is from the actual ad picture when we bought

This is from the actual ad picture when we bought

Gross and sad basement

Gross and sad basement

Our weed infested yard. Weeds are now gone, but only dirt remains

Our weed infested yard. Weeds are now gone, but only dirt remains

I’ll post the after once everything is clean and pretty, I promise.

I just want a day to relax, but that’s not going to happen for a while. Certainly not until the house is sold and we’re settled in my Mum’s place. At least the room there is almost done. We have it all painted, so it’s only touch ups and cleaning left to do. Yay!

Our bedroom in Orleans. This is the main colour. My Mum wanted us to keep it neutral

The Accent wall in our room at my Mum's.

I’m thinking about doing something to bring the right buyer to our house. Need to go through all my books and see if I don’t come across something that works.

Wedding stuff have essentially been put on hold during the move. Luckily, we’re pretty much on time for everything, so there’s no major rush right now. My friend Brytani is done with the invitations and we should have them within a week to be sent out. Very exciting :) I went through our wedpage to make it family appropriate, as it’s listed on our invitations.

Well, I need to get back at it.  Bye all :)

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