Figured I’d write this down before I lose it. Dreams were soooo weird last night.

1. There was a distinct issue with public vs. private. Doors wouldn’t stay shut, or would be replaced by flimsy curtains that would blow open in the wind, all conversations were overheard, even bathrooms were out in the open (this is a big deal to me. When I was quite young, around 6 years old, I went away to camp and a bunch of the girls burst into the outhouse and humiliated me while I was doing my thing. Like, literally, standing there with the door open, pointing, laughing, making fun of me.
2. Roller derby. :D

And now, for my morning coffee.

4 thoughts on “Dreams

  1. To me getting caught with your pants down signifies the ultimate in vulnerability. Are you hiding something and fearing being caught? (not for you to answer on here, just a dumbass interpretation by someone with no clue what they’re talking about : )

  2. Good interpretation actually :D My honey thinks it has to do with us moving into my Mum’s house, and our loss of private space there. Either way, it was a stressful dream. Not fun!

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