Timeline is set

It was a very busy weekend for Pat and I. We had a BBQ, two easter dinners, a meeting with our real estate agent, and several trips to the Home Depot. Yesterday we finally found out what our timeline was for getting the house done.


As in, we have less than a week to get ‘ur done.

Cue the hair pulling and teeth gnashing. I’m trying to face this with grace and poise, but I think beer and wine are going to be big helpers this week. Pat’s working two days, and then hopefully home to finish the basement and help me pack. I’m about to book movers after I make this post, and today, we’re getting the space in Orleans completely ready.

I have to shower, do some shopping (I hate that I need to buy boxes for this freakin’ move), go to a doctor’s appointment and then Orleans. Every day is packed like this. It’s craziness. And for some ridiculous reason, I decided this week was an awesome time to book a hair appointment. At least I will look perfectly coifed as I lug boxes around town.

It is an exciting appointment for me. I have had almost zero luck with hair dressers for most of my life. You see, I have curly/wavy hair and most hair dressers go “Uh, do you ever straighten it? Yes? GOOD! I’ll just cut it so it looks good straight.” This lovely woman, Kim, who I am seeing tomorrow, is a Curl Specialist. Yes, this is a big deal. Not only is the salon well priced (it’s only going to cost about 60 for cut, wash, dry and style), but they have actual specialists for difficult hair! WOO! I am really hoping it goes better than most of my previous cuts. NOW! For your amusement, a demonstration of said cuts:

My Natural Curls. My hair is about 3 inches longer than this now, with no layers at all.

My last real haircut, about a year ago. Cost about 200, with a coupon. NEVER AGAIN.

My hair, about 4 years ago. I got bored, and decided to cut it all off...

Yep. All gone. Loved it for about a day and then realized "Oh crap. That was dumb"

A few years later, my hair had grown out. I decided I wanted a trim and bangs. This is the before...

Yeah. This is what I got when I asked for a "trim and bangs". In fact, this is a couple of months AFTER, so this is an inch or so longer than it had been. Looks cute right? Well, remember that I have curly hair.

Yeah, a little different when curly. Ugh.

So, you can understand my fear. I’m really excited, but I hope it turns out! We shall see :D

And now, I have to get back at it. I apologize if I don’t post for a while. That may not be the case, but I have no idea what this week is going to actually entail for us. Wish me luck!

UPDATE: So, after giving it some thought, I rescheduled my hair appointment for next week. No need to cause myself undue stress over my ‘do. So, the hair update will be the Thursday after next. <3 Sorry!

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