Studying, Day 1

Two posts in one day? Wow, definitely a sign of having the house to myself for the first time in a while.

Shortly after Mum passed, maybe even a bit before, I was thinking about taking some time to work on my faith. Specifically, I want to go through some books and do some journaling to work out some issues I’ve been having for a while now. I’ve been feeling such a disconnect to my faith and it’s really been bothering me.

Last night I sat down with Ellen Dugan’s Natural Witchery and read for a bit before bed. I have to say that I can’t recommend Ellen Dugan’s work enough. She is the first pagan author that I’ve really connected to that really seemed to be speaking to me and my experiences.

My plan is to post here as I work through the book(s), so that I can share my experiences with you, my readers, and so that I can have some documentation of my growth.

Now, in the book Ellen starts off the exercises by working with intuition, by working with the chakras, practicing and then with a quiz. I really enjoyed this, as I am used to working with my chakras thanks to the Kundalini yoga I took a few years back. I really like the idea of incorporating that into my divination.

Ellen has me start by lighting up my chakras and noting down my impressions after I do so.

What I noticed: I had the most difficulty with the red/spine orange/tummy and green/heart chakras. Each seem to resist opening a bit and required way more focus. It was also really hard for me to get to a point of relaxation where I could just focus on the chakras. Sunlight seemed too bright, and I could hear all the mechanical noises of my house.

What I experienced:

Root Chakra – Base of Spine – Red: A feeling of tightening or weight at the base of my spine. A spinning garnet red ball.

Belly Chakra – Abdomen – Orange: Took time, but I got a bit of  a tingling and then almost a “full stomach” feeling. I pictured a yellow-orange, almost like the colour of the fruit, hard and round, not really like light at first, but then it sort of dissolved into a sparking bright sun-like orb

Solar Plexus – Yellow: I felt a faint tightening here and a tingle, and I pictured a bright bright yellow ball of light, with sparks of yellow flying out of it

Heart Chakra – Green: It’s funny, but my first impression was something straight out of sailor moon. It was like this, but a rich leaf green:

The colour was literally like holding a leaf up to the sun, that sort of mix of light and richness. I felt my chest tightening, and a pressure on my breast bone.

Throat Chakra – Blue: It was a bright white-blue, and it reminded me so much of pure light. It had a small white center, with blue surrounding it and coming off of it. I felt a pressure on my throat. I didn’t hear any specific message.

Third Eye Chakra -Violet: This was one of the easiest to open and the easiest to see. Immediately, it was like a violet crystal lotus opened up in front of my forehead. I felt a tension at my temples and a mild headache and a tingling near my ears.

Crown Chakra – White: This one came to me quite easily, and I actually saw it as a bright white halo-like crown, or a large oval of light. This caused a tingling near my ears and a pressure on my shoulders.

I think tonight I’ll try the “Find the Ace of Spades” exercise and see how it goes :D That’s all for now.

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