KniCroBloWeek: Post 7. What a Yarn and A Wild Card

Sorry guys! I’m just not good with deadlines ;) It’s my inner rebel I guess.

What a Yarn

There’s one love that we all share: yarn. Blog about a particular yarn you have used in the past or own in your stash, or perhaps one that you covet from afar. If it is a yarn you have used you could show the project that you used it for, perhaps writing a mini ‘review’. Perhaps, instead, you pine for the feel of the almost mythical qiviut? You could explore and research the raw material and manufacturing process if you were feeling investigative

Such an open ended topic! Well, I can definitely say I have a yarn problem. I’m like this with all of my hobbies. I far more enjoy collecting the bits and pieces necessary for the task rather than actually doing anything with them. Yarn is definitely the same. I have yarns that I feel are too pretty to risk “messing up”, so I’m waiting until I feel that I’m a stronger knitter. There are some beauties in the world that I have been coveting for years. Yes, years. Here they are:

1. I don’t knit socks. Or rather, I haven’t yet. For some strange reason I have an unnatural love and need for sock yarns. I can’t explain it. The colour ways, the dainty weight. I just love them so. More than any others, I am totally in love with the Blue Moon Fiber Arts Raven Clan colourway. You see, I’m a big pagan geek. I looooove Corbae, and these immediately made me think of Charles de Lint and his motley crew of animal people.  My personal favourites?




Aren’t they gorgeous? WANT.

2. I’m a very tactile person. I touch everything. Poor Pat can attest to it…I fondle clothes in stores. I touch all of the towels and bedding at Home Outfitters. One of the most visually beautiful lines I’ve ever seen happens to be one of the softest as well: Handmaiden Yarns. Specifically, any of their lines with silk or cashmere. They just glow. I mean, really. Any time I walk into a LYS, I have to pet the handmaiden yarns. Have to. One day I’ll have the money to make something out of it. <3  I’m most fond of their subtle colourways. Beautiful stuff. Go check it out!

Now, as for a review, I have just started knitting with the prettiest yarn I’ve ever owned. It’s for a small project, so I could justify the HUGE price tag (I can’t remember…I think I’m blocking out the trauma. I believe it was about 40$/skein) . I’m currently knitting my wedding garter out of the lovely Artyarns Silk Rhapsody Glitter. It’s a blend of mohair, silk and glitter. I would never have guessed it would be so soft, but it actually rivaled the cashmere I almost bought. The glitter isn’t scratchy, and the mohair isn’t too itchy. It’s beautiful, luminous, and the colour is perfection.  Ha! I just noticed that someone else has linked a heriloom garter to the yarn’s main page. See, it makes sense! :D  (Though I honestly think the pattern I’m using is prettier. Less…spiderwebby)

The yarn:

My yarn with my engagement ring

Isn't it lovely? Perfect for my "Something Blue"

Now, as for working with it…I have to be honest. Winding it was awful. The glitter separates from the rest of the yarn, so it was a matter of constantly adjusting and making sure everything was together. I don’t have a swift, so Pat was put to work for sure.

Knitting with it is pretty similar. The glitter grabs on to random bits and separates at other places, so I have to be careful not to splice the yarn as I go. Knitting lace with this is trying, for sure. The result, though, is gorgeous. I really love what it looks like so far. It’s going to be a large garter, but I think it’s going to be an heirloom that I will keep within the family. Hopefully, my sister will wear it at her wedding and then our children. <3

A work in progress.

All Tooled Up
Do you have a particular knitting/crochet tool or piece of equipment that you love to use? Maybe it is an old bent pair of needles that used to belong to someone special, or a gorgeous rosewood hand-turned crochet hook that you just love the feel of? Write about what you love it.

I have a few tools that I absolutely love. Number one, I LOVE bamboo needles.  They knit so smoothly and softly, it’s lovely. There’s something so comforting using them. I also really love the cheap walmart acrylic set of knitting needles my Mum got me many years ago. It’s ugly, but it’s from Mum. I will cherish them forever.

My Tools: The Knit Kit, my walmart needles and bamboo needles.

Lastly, it’s a new purchase that I wish I had always had as part of my kit. What is it, you ask? Why, it’s the Knit Kit. I picked it up at Wool ‘N Things for about 20$. It’s endorsed by Martha freakin’ Stewart. It’s amazing. Seriously. It’s small, portable and has everything you need. It has: A tape measure, a crochet hook, a stitch counter, yarn cutter, scissors, needle ends (keep you from losing stitches on WIPs), stitch markers and enough room to store more (I keep my darning needle in there too).

AMAZING. (not pictured: needle ends. They are being used, as are two markers)

Mine is currently covered in dried Coke Zero, from when Mum was admitted to the hospital. I haven’t had the heart to clean it yet. They come in white w/ pink, black w/ white or blue w/ white. LOVE it.

So, there you have it :) What a fun week! Great blog topics :D

2 thoughts on “KniCroBloWeek: Post 7. What a Yarn and A Wild Card

  1. Thanks for the great review of The Knit Kit! We love our product – I own 5 of them (I am a
    ulti-tasking knitter!). The blue version comes with a darning needle, and I also add extra stitch markers in mine – where DO those little guys jump off to?
    Love that be-u-t-i-full yarn – I am lusting!
    Happy knitting!

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