Daily Life

A lazy Saturday

Lazy, perhaps, because I only got about 4 hours of sleep last night. Pat and I had a bit of a date night last night. We rented some movies, bought some wine and sat around, enjoying each other’s company. We stayed up watching Mel Gibson’s new flick, which was good but very sad. Unfortunately, the ending triggered one of my flashbacks and we ended up a crying mess, talking on the couch about our dead parents. I have PTSD, and while it’s usually under control, every now and then a trigger is just too great to breathe my way through. It was a good conversation, but a hard one. It’s all so raw still, for both of us.

This morning, I woke up at 5am, unable to sleep anymore. I fought it as best I could, but eventually I gave in and got up a bit earlier than I needed to. Pat, being the great guy that he is, drove me to my hair trial this morning in Kemptville (about 45 minutes away) for 9am. Unfortunately, this hair thing is the one part of the wedding that is cursed. It can’t seem to be resolved.

A repost from one of my wedding forums. The hair saga:

Booked one mobile stylist who came highly recommended. In February when we found out that Mum was not doing well and we had to move the wedding, I emailed her letting her know. She replied, saying that she was about to contact me because she was MOVING OUT OF THE COUNTRY and was cancelling all of her bookings for the year. She had two other mobile stylists covering her appointments, but because of my changed date, they were already booked for me. So, I essentially lost 3 of the city’s best mobile stylists.

I booked with a stylist near the venue. The DAY OF MY TRIAL, I got a phone call. She had gotten a new job…outside of hair styling. She cancelled on me, but promised that another girl could take me and she was “pretty good with up-dos”

… Yeah. So, I get my friend who is from the area to recommend me a stylist. I call the salon, and it turns out it’s CLOSED the day of my wedding…because the lead stylist is in a wedding herself! I tell her my sob story and she offers to keep the salon open and books me with the only other stylist. She warns me though…Gertie is a bit “older”. I ask how old and she responds with “Well, everyone wants a grandmother there on their wedding day. She can be your granny for the day!”. From my research, Gertrude is actually pretty highly regarded in the area, so I’m still doing the trial this Saturday with her. I will post pictures…I just hope it’s not a blue buffont :P

So, I was sharing all of this with my SiL, who I guess mentioned it to her fab hairstylist in the city. He recommended a friend of his and it turns out, this downtown Ottawa stylist does freelance! So, I have a trial next Wednesday! I’m really excited about it! Hopefully, it turns out! I really really really wanted to get ready with the girls in the hotel room, rather than having to drive everywhere. Yaaaay!

So, how did it work out? This is what I brought in for reference:

This is what I got:

Um...not quite.
...No product, you can see the pins, the braids are crooked and there's weird empty spaces

Good times. Meanwhile, the Hopeful Hairstylist called me last night with his pricing. Apparently, because he has to travel (a legitimate issue, it is about an hour drive) and would miss a full day of work at the salon (well, kind of. He’d be done by 10am), he wants to charge us $850 FOR FOUR FREAKIN PEOPLE! Yeah. No.

So, I have one more salon that I want to try and then it’s going to be begging and pleading time.

After the disappointment, I’ve decided to do some cleaning, work on some other wedding stuff and hopefully, watch Young Victoria. <3 Sounds like a lovely day. Hopefully, I stay motivated. We’ll see ;)

Have a good one everyone!

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