A sicky Sunday

Pardon me…I have a tendency to ramble when sick. I woke up this morning with a bad sore throat and chest congestion. I think my constant running around has finally caught up with me. It has been a very busy week. Tuesday, I picked up my sister from the airport, did some groceries with her and then relaxed at the family home in the east end of town. Wednesday, my brother and I went to the lawyers to sign some documents to do with the estate, and then Tracy and I were off to Kemptville for my next hair trial. Luckily, this one went really well. It’s not quite perfect, but with a few tweeks, I think I’ll be 100% pleased. I finally have a hair stylist for the wedding, so that’s a massive weight off of my shoulders. My new inspirational pic:

Emmy Rossum <3

After my successful hair trial, we made our way to Merrickville to check out the construction that’s going on right outside my venue. We discovered it should be done by the end of June, so fingers and toes crossed that it’s done a bit early. We also investigated the nearby ruins to see if they are what we wanted for portraits the morning of the wedding. Here’s a picture done by Barb Cameron, an Ottawa photographer, of a wedding she covered in Merrickville:

Beautiful, right? Hopefully we’ll have some good weather for photos, because I definitely want to get down there for a few.


And lucky for us, they are only about a 5 minute walk from the venue :D. After wandering all over town, we popped into the lovely little icecream shop on St. Lawrence (a couple of buildings down from the Baldachin) and had the very best icecream I’ve ever had. Yes, seriously. I had Carnival Popcorn and Dandelion. The popcorn one tasted exactly like caramel kettlecorn, and the dandelion one was light, herby and citrusy. Absolutely perfect.

Yum! A small peek at my hair. T and I eating ice cream in the van

Wednesday night I went home, as I had an interview on Thursday morning. The interview was for a clerical position with the Canadian Cancer Foundation. It was a totally random posting I came across one day and applied to on a whim. The interview went so well, they want me to start next week. :D I’m going to ask to have them push it back, to give me more time with Tracy and to finish wedding prep. Plus, as it turns out, I’ve managed to get sick. Fun times :P

So, I’m finally employed! Woo! I honestly feel like it’s a gift from Mum. It just feels like her, ya know? The pay is exactly what I was looking for, with great hours and a job I do really well. I’m excited :) Oh, and it’s a 20 minute drive from  home! Now, I just need to get a car!

Friday, after my computer test with them, Pat and I went to get our marriage license! Woo! Which means we can now meet with the Officiant and get this show on the road. After that, we did some running around and went out to celebrate my new found job.  After a yummy dinner we watched Valentine’s Day, which was ok. Anne Hathaway stole the show for me. Her accents were hilarious.

Yesterday, I drove out to Orleans (I’ve been using the family van), and took Tracy out for shopping. Picked up a cute dress for my Bridal shower, dropped it off at the tailor’s (curse my itty bitty shoulders), had lunch with my old friend Tyler and bought my wedding perfume.

It’s been such a search for me, trying to find a Big Girl’s Perfume. For the last 5 years or so I’ve been using the amazing scents from Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab. It was an obsession really. My collection is HUGE and eventually, I had to stop visiting the site because I had way more scents than I could possibly ever wear and was spending way too much money on them.

This was from 4 years ago. The collection is actually much bigger than this now

While I absolutely adore my BPALs, I wanted a spritzable Real Perfume for the wedding. Something sophisticated, that I could wear for special events after the wedding, like our anniversary, etc… Tracy and I visited a million perfume counters before we both agreed that one was the right one for me and the wedding. We both agreed on:

Dolce & Gabbana L'eau The One

It’s so light, fresh and pretty. Not at all what I thought I’d want. Amusingly, it is very similar to a blend created for me at a Dancing with the Elements workshop I attended a couple of years ago. There was an aromatherapy component to the event, and each person had a blend created especially for them. The one made for me had basil, lavender and something sort of fruity.

After our running around, we returned back to the house in orleans for a BBQ with Pat. I had picked up some great Angus sirloin, which we marinaded for about 45 minutes. Together with fries and salad, we had a great dinner. We enjoyed a dessert of Drumsticks and then made our way out to see the new Robin Hood movie.

I had heard some mixed reviews, but I have to say: We loved it. Seriously. I want to own it. I was especially impressed with Alan from Great Big Sea who really brought the Merry men together in a really believable way. Also, Friar Tuck, with his bees, was such a pleasant surprise for me. <3  Cate Blanchett is probably my favourite Marion to date.

After that, Pat and I returned home and went to bed. This morning I woke up with a very sore throat and congested chest. I’ve been using Oil of Oregano, hoping that it will kill off whatever has moved in to the back of my throat. I have a very busy week ahead, so I really need to get better ASAP. Any home remedies that you recommend?

This week holds: A couple of appointments throughout the week, my BFFs coming to town (S is in Calgary. Her Oma is quite sick, L lives in Montreal) for the Shower, which is this coming weekend. Eek! Tracy and I need to get as much wedding stuff done as we can before I start work the following week.

So,  in the mean time. Lots of rest and knitting.

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