Life has changed so much in the last couple of weeks. It’s incredible to think where I was even a couple of months ago.  I started my new job at the Canadian Cancer Soc this week and am loving it. On paper, I’m a Data Entry Clerk, though today I was referred to as a Fundraising Assistant in an email to some clients, so that’s pretty fancy. I’m not doing a whole lot of crazy or exciting things right now, but I’m happy. The office has a great atmosphere. I’m in a large room with some offices coming off of it. The large room has two desks, one in a corner, with the other across the room in another corner. I am at the first desk that you see when you come into the room. In front of me there is an old worn couch. In front of that is an old table, full of chairs, welcoming people to sit and talk. People chat, and laugh and keep themselves busy. I feel welcome, needed, and proud. So proud. For the first time in a long time, I feel proud to be a part of something. Cancer has affected the lives of so many people that I love and care about that I feel so good about being a part of the fight.

It feels so right.  Like home.  :)  Now I just need to jazz the place up with a few nicnacs and pictures.

I’m getting married in about 3 weeks. How crazy is that? I mean, we’ve been together off an on for nearly a decade, so it wont be much of a change, but still. After a year and a bit of engagement, it’s amazing how the last few months zoom by.

Last night we met with our officiant and absolutely loved her. She’s so perfect for us. She’s sweet, warm, tattooed and pierced. She has a great sense of humour and is really open-minded about the things we want to include in our ceremony.

This weekend I’m sleeping over at the old family house because I have my second dress fitting! I get to drag my sister to this one. It’s going to be emotional, as it also happens to be my Dad’s birthday. Funny how the first fitting fell on Mother’s Day and the 1 month anniversary of Mum’s death. I guess that means that both of our parents are with me  :)

Next week is my birthday and my bachelorette party. Somehow, those things go so well together ;) I can’t believe I’m turning 27. Time is such a funny thing.

Well, I should get going.  I have a training session tonight (Woo Overtime!) and I’d like to eat before that happens.

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