Setting the scene: Ace of Cups R: Emotional upset, change, delays, unrequited love

Ace of Cups

Death, R: Resisting change, prompting change in others, self-evaluation needed, stagnation.

Seven of Wands R: Letting problems build up, energy dissipated, self-doubts, attention being diverted from real problems, may need to accept offered assistance.
Seven of Cups R: Fear of failure or wrong choices, inability to decide, delusion, false promises, self-deception, confusion
Six of Pentacles R: Overspending, avarice, loss through negligence or theft, debts, money owed, jealousy
Page of Wands R: Energy dissipated, indolence, unrealistic goals, reluctance to see job throughh, not thinking a process through before acting
Five of Cups: Partial loss, useless regrets, disillusionment, difficulties with a legacy, stressful relationships, delayed inheritance, shallow relationships, anxiety, sharing bounty, imperfections, wasting a legacy, dwelling on a loss
The Empress R: Slow progress, potential unrecognized, blocked creativity (one of the cards I associate with)
Four of Cups: Discontent, reassessment, stationary period, new approach to old problems, new possibilities, new partnerships.

But what do I do?
Four of Cups, R: Boredom, apathy, aversion, seeking distraction

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