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An urban fantasy dream

I’m exhausted this morning. I had a dream last night that I feel I have to share. Definitely a reading on it later. Feel free to skip if you’re not interested.

 It started out as a typical dream. Something to do with weddings, one of my exes, Tracy and her friends.  Throughout the dream I started to feel…watched? While I was leaving one location on the dream, I was approached by a man who confirmed my feeling. He was trying to warn me that something was after me, but something about him seemed off, so I thought he was threatening me. Cue the typical cat and mouse dream sequence. (I have a lot of dreams about being chased).  Eventually it came down to me being forced into a meeting with some “people” who informed me that somehow I can come under the attention of the Winter Court (aka Bad Fae), and as a result, the Summer Court wanted to keep an eye on me to see what was so interesting. They provided me with some protection (if I remember correctly, I came across a beautiful seal, who was in fact a Selkie).

Silke, a painting done by Forest Rogers

I was able to return to the original dream, with this companion for a bit, until the Winter Court made an attack that we were barely able to escape from. It was at this point I was called to meet again with the Summer Court. I brought Tracy along with me, because she was with me during the attacks. There was this HUGE tree/wolf creature. He was some kind of blend between Tree Men (something like an Ent) and a wolfman (looked very similar to the Lycans from Underworld or the Werewolves from Dragon Age).

A Lycan - Key is the very long narrow snout and the wispy hair, very thin and boney arms and legs.
Drawing of Ent by Zachariah Campbell. Again, note the long gangly limbs.

He didn’t understand why the “Monkey meatbags” was worth all of this trouble, and decided he was going to resolve the situation by killing us. I’m not sure if he was a part of the Wild Hunt or not, but the simple motion of coming towards us filled me with a terror that I couldn’t ignore, so I bolted, dragging Tracy with me.

What are you not supposed to do when confronted by an angry wild animal? Yeah. Pretty much. I remember him howling in glee that we had taken the bait and the chase started. I stole a police car (thinking, This is iron! We’re safe and quick in this!) and fled as far as I could until the police got involved. We ditched the car and ran, almost right into a cop. We were talking, trying to explain, when I realized he was fae too and just wearing a glamour. I had no idea what court he was, but I hear the Hunt near by, so we dropped to the ground and hid. Somehow, the cop was able to distract the hunt and send them on a different trail. He was helping me up when the alarm went off this morning.

 After thinking about the dream for a bit, I realized that anytime I left the main dream for this Fae portion, Tracy would go kind of…empty. I’d have to drag her around as though she was on auto-pilot, but that her mind was elsewhere. In the dream I sort of just accepted it as “Well, she’s away dreaming her own dream right now, so of course her body is empty”. So weird. I don’t think I’ve ever dreamt with that much accurate detail about the fae before. Normally my dreams have their own mythology and don’t often borrow from traditions or mythologies that I’ve studied in waking life. Also, it was so very detailed. I don’t know what colour seals normally are. No clue. The Silke in the dream was sort of a silvery white, with grey and black spots, just like the painting. The whole dream was extremely real and scary. So strange!

 I needed to write it down before I forget anymore details. :D