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Book Reviews and What’s to Come

Happy Friday everyone!

The weather here is bit dark and dreary, which is actually my preference to the hot and unbearably sunny weather we had earlier in the month. It’s been keeping us inside for the most part, so you’d think I’d have a lot to show you… not so much :(

It’s a shame that the purpose of this journal was to share 1) Crafts and 2) My Spiritual Advancement, and there’s been so little of either. Sorry about that guys! Life really took control lately, and we’ve had to just hang on and ride it out.  I remain adamant that I will be learning crochet in the new future, so keep an eye out for that. I also have plans to do a post on Tarot reading, my divination tool of choice.

I’m heading out to a friends place this weekend and will be learning some traditional Chinese recipes! I’m really excited about it. Alice, the friend that will be teaching me, is currently visiting from Taiwan. She was telling me that she could teach anyone to make dumplings, so I’m taking her up on the challenge :D I’ll try to get a play by play of that and share my lesson with you!

So, meanwhile, I figured I’d give you a bit of a book review! I’ve been reading a lot of Charlaine Harris lately (of True Blood) and can give you guys some of my responses.

1. The Sookie Stackhouse Series (what True Blood is based on, vampires/werewolves/faeries/urban fantasy)

This is a fun light summer read. I started this series after watching the first season of True Blood. The show is definitely only based on the books, and has some major differences. I prefer the Sookie of the books, as she seems a bit more relatable. Charlaine Harris is no master writer, but she is a great storyteller. The stories pull you in and keep you interested and invested in the characters. I’m a big fan of Urban fantasy, so I love the idea of the fantastic existing in an urban world. If you like the show, you’ll definitely love the first few in the series. They get a little more outlandish later on.  I would like to point out that some of the books aren’t as good as others, so be warned. (For example, I didn’t enjoy the new book, Dead in the Family, that much at all)

2. The Aurora Teagarden Series (Detective/Murder Mystery series)

I think this is one of Charlaine Harris’ earlier series, and it shows. The writing is rough and it took me 2 books to get into the story and actually have any interest in the characters.  I found the books were a little too “Women’s Detective Series” for me at the beginning. Eventually, they got a bit grittier, and less afraid of offending the reader’s delicate sensibilities. They do improve though. By the end of the series, I did care about Roe and her relationships. I can’t say that I’d necessarily recommend the series, but it did make for an ok summer read when I had nothing else to pick up.

3. The Harper Connolly Series (Ghosts/Suspense/Murder Mystery)

Charlaine Harris must have learned from her time writing the Aurora Teagarden series before starting on this one, because a lot of the issues I had with the Roe series were fixed with Harper. It’s still a murder mystery themed series, but there’s a supernatural element, and these books aren’t dumbed down and prissy-ed up. I really liked the main character, Harper and her Step-Brother, Tolliver. I cared about their backstory, and what will happen next. If you’re looking for something with more mystery with a hint of the fantastic, than this is a good series for you. Predictable, but fluffy and fun. Easy to pick up and put down, and will only take you a day or two to get through each book. I really hope she continues with this series!

Well, I hope you enjoyed those :) It’s been nice having some time to read again.  And with that, I have to get back to it. Bye for now!