Seeing Things

I’d like some witchy opinions, if that’s alright.

Lately I’ve been seeing, out of the corner of my eye, just out of focus, creepy crawlies on our walls. The second I turn to look at them, they scuttle away. They aren’t “real” bugs, but rather something else that is there, but not. The one I saw yesterday was quite big and looked something like this:

My initial reaction to them is always negative and I found myself wondering if maybe the house’s energy is out of wack. Any opinions? I wonder if maybe they are around because of the stress and negative energy that’s been pretty strong lately. Also, I haven’t cleansed the house in a long time (a year or so).

Has anyone ever seen anything like this before?

11 thoughts on “Seeing Things

  1. Actually… could be Fey. They take a lot of forms, and the best camouflage is always to look like something from the natural world. Specially if you’re just “catching” them out of the corner of the eye.

    They will be naturally attracted to a “highly-charged” home, especially if they know that someone that lives within has a connection to “their side of things”.

    Sounds like you’ve got some company, maybe checking out the digs for a winter hidey-hole, to see if they’d be welcome.

    If there’s a menacing, or truly yucky feel, instead of just “other”, then you’ve got something that needs to be cleaned out. Either way, it’s up to you if they stay or go. Your house, your rules!

    • Now that you mention it, I’m not sure I get a negative feeling per se…more of a “otherness” and maybe surprise? There’s a faint sense of wrongness, but it might just be the shock of seeing them on the walls in my house O_o

  2. I’ve definitely had something similar. Mine didn’t have any definite shape, though. If you are uncomfortable at all with it, then maybe a cleansing is in order. I will say that my first thought when I saw the pic was “scarab”, so maybe have a look into that as well and see if it gets you anywhere.

    For mine, I spoke with a friend that is pretty connected to the fae and she informed me that what I had hanging about was being drawn by some negativity that was hanging about. I did a cleansing and all has been great ever since.

    Good Luck!

    • It’s similar to a scarab, but not quite. It was definitely more “essence of insect” sort of creepy crawler. I’m not sure what my feelings are on it, if it was just surprise and recognizing otherness or if it’s a genuine wrongness. All the same, I think it’s time for a cleansing. The house could use it anyway :) Thanks for your help!

      • If you aren’t really sure, you could always work your cleansing to make sure it is only getting rid of what really doesn’t belong, that everything else that should be there and that is there for a positive reason is welcome to still hang around.

  3. Well, do a gentle cleansing, maybe put up some mirrors. If it’s still there, then it isn’t malevolent, and you can ask it what it is and what it wants.

  4. A cleansing couldn’t hurt. If the presence is a being that has good intentions, then invite it to stay during the cleaning, if not, it’ll leave with the cleansing. Speaking of which, I haven’t cleaned my new home. No wonder I’m feeling out of sorts!

    • I think that’s the plan. I normally do a bit of a Spring Cleaning in May, but with my Mum passing away this year, I just wasn’t in the best of places to do it. I think maybe I’ll make it a fall cleansing instead :)

  5. Yup spirits (the fae whatever you wish to call them) often take on bug form. Or maybe our brains give them bug form so we can make better sense of them.

    I often worry about cleansing, sometimes they don’t work and can be seen as terribly rude and disrespectful to the spirits you are trying to cleanse.

    Personally, I feel that this is what household guardians are for. Do you have any household spirits? Made friends with anything in your home or yard?

    Also, have you considered talking to them?

    • I was surprised by the bugs. I’ve been “seeing things” for years, but never have they taken on the form of bugs. I like to do sort of an annual “clean up”, just a quick “out with the negative! Here’s some honey and cakes for those who stick around” sort of thing, but this year with my mother’s passing, I never got around to it.

      I’ve always felt something around with this house. We’ve lived here for about 3 years now. I’ve talked to them, left gifts and sort of tried to keep a good relationship, but this feels new. I haven’t talked to these ones yet, and I think that’s a great idea :) I’ll give it a shot and let you all know what comes of it.

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