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Two Readings

Today is one of those days where life feels very overwhelming. So, to Tarot I go for some insight.

What to do about family crazy? (This is a random card draw, no specific spread)

1. Hermit: From this, I get take time to be by myself . Wisdom that comes from time and experience.  Perhaps listening to the advice of people that I respect.

2. Six of Cups R. Living in the past, resisting change.

3. Knight of Wands R. Discord (duh), activity interrupted, plans change, hard work and efforts belittled by those who are envious

4. Eight of Cups. Turning point, no longer allowing myself to be the victim, learning and moving foward, ending relationships.

5. The Empress R (This is a card that I associate with. My initial impression is that this situation is bringing out the worst in me). It can also mean a blockage, slowed progress, etc…

6. King of Wands R. This may be another person involved in this situation, also not at their best.  It can also mean disapproving of ideas that are different from your own, thoughtless action, slow changes, criticism.

Huh. Well, that’s pretty clear. I guess it’s time to make some changes and try my best to move forward.

What to do about my work situation?
1.Present Situation: 6 of Wands R. Vanity, overestimation of ones own abilities, disloyalty, need to focus on home and family, consider the plans of others

2.Obstacle: Strength R Blame placing, emootionalism, lack of confidence, short-sightedness, compromises.

3.Goal/Destiny: Queen of Swords (Another card I associate to myself). Taking action, keen and focused mind, breaking free from restriction, thoughts manifested, self-determined, self-protective.

4. Distant past: Emperor. Authority, self-confidence, experience, accomplishing goals, attainment, accepting responsibility, etc..

5. Recent past: The Moon R Illusion,un-manifested dreams, facades, deception, visions obscured, limited imagination, suspicion, letting myself get carried away with dreams.

6. Immediate Future: Two of Cups R. Emotional misunderstandings, disagreements, selfdelusion, self-indulgence, lack of appreciation of another, ending of a relationship

7. Factors affecting situation: Knight of Wands R (Notice that this was in the last reading. I’m going to take this as my family situation is affecting this work situation)

8. External influences: Eight of Cups. Turning point in life, abandoning plans, seeking a new path. Again in the other reading, despite lots of shuffling. No longer allowing oneself to be the victim.

9. Fears/Desires: Knight of Swords. Sudden changes, self-assurance, incisive career activity, courage, balance of power between dreams and action, skill, no more delays in reaching goals.

10. Outcome: The Devil. Natural course, decisions, powerful forces, freedom, sense of humour, release, following inclination, conquering obstacle, potential unleashed.


2 thoughts on “Two Readings”

  1. So, in the family reading, basically it’s telling you that you need to Set some new ground rules, since you now have a new family dynamic (marriage) going. Extended family members will have to accept that things have changed, and they need to act accordingly.

    For work, looks like you’ve been holding a little of yourself back, probably worried about dealing with the family stuff – it’s time to unleash your full work potential and start realizing your dreams. Doesn’t mean that you have to become a workaholic, just, really start voicing your new ideas for work and look at ways to implement those ideas, so you can present a cohesive plan to the uppers, showing them what they can gain by using your ideas.

    Sorry. Got a little wordy there. You hit my tarot nerve, and I love readings! LIke an involuntary twitch, I think! :D

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