+/-s of the long weekend

So, rather than boring you with a big huge post about what I’ve done this weekend, I’ve decided to crunch it down to a list of pluses (pros) and negatives (cons)

+ Lots of time with the in-laws (birthdays, outings and hangouts)

-Lots of bad dreams and anxiety about my family

+Great trip out to the dog park

-Sick cats who like to wake me up at 7:30 all weekend long

+ Good job prospect

-Disconnect from my current job

– The girl at work that drives me nuts is now working on my pet project at work that was taken from me.

+I was much better at managing that project than she is

+Horseback riding in the beautiful wakefield countryside

-Messed up back and hips due to horseback riding aggravating my injuries

+Pumpkin Spice Lattes are back at Starbucks

-/+ The starbucks window barista now knows me by name and told me she’d see me tomorrow.

-/+ Very busy weekend

+ Did some major shopping for my trip to Jamaica and for every day life

-That very same day, we got a massive water bill

+ I have my boss’ support in whatever I do next, professionally. She’s even supporting my wish to take a week off after I interview for the new position.

+ Lady R is back from her trip, so we can now catch up!

-She is sick :(

+ One of my other BFFs, S, found a teaching job!

-She has to send her baby girl to day care now :(

+ Isaac, another close friend, is visiting for 10 days!

– I work almost the entire time he’s here

That’s it for now. I will make a 100% Materialism post in the near future once I get my goodies from my online shopping experience. I know that sort of thing pisses some of you off, but I enjoy shopping, I enjoy nice clothing, and I enjoy sharing my shopping experiences with my readers. Plus I should be receiving the dress I won soon! :D So, lots of pictures and reviews coming up soon!

2 thoughts on “+/-s of the long weekend

  1. i love you! xooxo (just a thought to get you through the day, oh look at that, it’s 6:15 on a saturday–i must be going to work. lol.)

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