Sunday Videos!

Here in Ottawa, we have a relatively new radio station called Live 88.5. They specialize in “alternative” music, which is mostly rock based. It’s my favourite station, and generally plays music that I enjoy. One of the best features about this station is that they feature Mr. Alan Cross and his various shows, including the Ongoing History of New Music and Explore Music.

I’ve come across some amazing music thanks to Mr. Alan Cross, and this week, on the way to my Mum’s house to set up for the garage sale, he played a band I had never heard of: Murder by Death. It was specifically “As long as there is whiskey in the world”. I loved it! It reminds me of Neko Case and Johnny Cash. I have a great love of that bluesy dark country rock that is very specific to only a few bands. It’s more of a feeling than a sound. These guys specifically remind me of Autumn. They sing about whiskey, zombies and the devil…how perfect! My favourites so far:

And, because it wouldn’t be fair to list those without showing you what they remind me of, Here’s some Neko Case and Mr. Cash:

Enjoy :)

And, because we’re talking country,  I am looking forward to this movie:

4 thoughts on “Sunday Videos!

  1. Thanks for sharing!
    I will definitely have to listen to more Murder By Death and Neko Case ….already being a fan of Mr. Cash’s music of course :)

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