This weekend is Canadian Thanksgiving. This year is a strange one, without my parents around. My mother’s house was the center of my family’s universe. With her gone, we were all over the place. My sister was at my uncle’s in Calgary. My other siblings gathered in a suburb an hour out of Montreal and I joined my in-laws here in the burbs of Ottawa.

My brother in law and his wife hosted a lovely dinner. We spent the night catching up, watching my nephew chase and be chased by the pug and puggle of the house, and playing cards. It’s been a rough road, the last few years, but I look around and I definitely feel that I have a lot to be thankful for. So, in honour of the day, here’s a nice little list.

I am thankful for…

  • My husband. He is my very best friend. He listens to me at 3am when I wake up from awful nightmares. He makes me laugh with a single word. He understands me better than anyone, and loves me truly. He is an excellent guy, an amazing friend and pretty good at this whole hubby thing.
  • My critters. Even though they drive me nuts and that I sometimes think about leaving them to nature, I love my furbabies. They bring us lots of laughter and comfort. Our house would be so empty without them.
  • My family. Despite the drama and the heartache, I am still thankful that they were there with me through Mum’s stay in the hospital and her passing. My sister is amazing, and even though she’s far away, she is my dear dear friend. I know that day or night, I could call her and have her support immediately.
  • My extended family. My in-laws, my friends, all those people that may not share blood with me, but give us more love, understanding and support than we could ever ask for. They are the people that get me through the hard days. It’s with them that we celebrate the good days
  • My education. Even though I don’t use my degree in my current job, I feel so incredibly lucky to have had the freedom, rights, financial ability and opportunity to get my education.
  • My country. Even though our politicians make a lot of ridiculous decisions and do things that I don’t necessarily agree with, I consider myself very lucky to live in Canada.
  • My house. Even though it drives me nuts (having spent all day cleaning it, for instance), I love our little disaster. We are so lucky to have a roof over our heads and a home that we can call our own.
  • My access to therapies. It’s a slow process, but thanks to my ability to attend my various therapies, my body and mind are slowly healing.

I feel so blessed to have the life that I do. Despite all the pain and loss, I have so very much and I am so thankful for that. Happy thanksgiving everyone!

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