The Hat Hope (and Curse)

I guess it’s about time that I make a craft post, eh? It’s been a while. Well, to be honest, I haven’t been very crafty lately. I’ve been putting a lot of time and attention into the house and cooking. BTW, welcome to all my LSG and Rav peeps!

A week or two ago, I decided to start on the toque to end all toques for the husband. For years now, I have been meaning to make him a toque that meets all of his winter hat requirements, as follows:
1. Has at least the option to cover his ears
2. Is warm and breaths
3. Isn’t itchy
4. Looks good and stylish with his winter jacket
5. Wont be really finicky about washing

I’ve tried several times to make him a hat to meet these requirements; however, I have discovered that I am cursed. I can’t seem to knit a hat to the size of his head. I have literally made hats too small for my cat, and the whole time thinking “This is going to be great! He’s going to love this hat! My, it looks small. It’ll stretch. Of course it will stretch”.

Yeah, even Byron is unimpressed.

I came close, once, with this one: (Rav link)

The hat that was almost ok

Unfortunately, he realized in the wearing of this hat, that he doesn’t like the beanie style. He says it makes it his head look too big, or the hat too small.

It actually got to the point that my mother knit hats for all of us the following year, just so that I wouldn’t have to. Unfortunately, she knit them all in super cheap acrylic and in huge One-Size-Fits-All-Including-Giants sizes.

A little too big

The following year, his sister bought him a great hat on a trip to BC, though he was sad to discover it was perfect in every way but the style – he really liked being able to fold the rim up or down to customize length.

Almost right

So, here I am. It’s starting to get cold and I have been promising this damned gift for the entire time that I’ve known how to knit. I found this pattern (Rav link again), showed it to him and then had him approve the yarn:

Yes, it's Red Heart. Whatsittoya?

I’m a little concerned, as it looks giant right now, but I’m hoping that that’s just because I’m used to creating tiny little things due to my wacked gauge and tension issues.

So long as it fits his big Irish head, and can fold down to cover his ears, I think we’ll have a winner. Only time will tell.

3 thoughts on “The Hat Hope (and Curse)

    • Hee. Well, Pat wears what I give him…the issue is when it’s too small for it to fit round his large noggin’ ;) The one grey hat I knit him was a hit, even though it wasn’t exactly what he was looking for/what I was expecting. He also loves the GIANT hat my Mum made, even if it makes him look like a hobo…unfortunately, because it is too big, it doesn’t do much for warmth.

  1. holy f, that made me laugh so hard. giant hat! like that time i got drunk at wanda’s and we wore an ugly hat her friend had made her. big hat like a jellyfish, that one…

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