Daily Life

My baggage

It’s been a productive weekend for me and the husband. We did some running around yesterday, after my last day at my job and managed to pick up most of what we still needed for our honeymoon. One more trip and we should be good to go. Today I started the massive task of laundry and CLEAN ALL THE THINGS. I also started packing.

Packing and I go way back. I’ve packed for moves, for road trips, for concert trips, for family visits and contest wins. You’d think with such an extended background in packing that I’d be good at it. You, my dear optimistic reader, would be so very wrong.

That looks like a pretty well packed piece of luggage, doesn’t it? Well, the key issue here is that this is after I’ve done only half of the laundry (which means I’m sure there’s more to come) and prior to any of my beauty/cleaning products and undergarments.

Also, WestJet has a strict 50lbs rule on departure. It gets mighty expensive if you’re over. I have a feeling I may already be in that range.  So, now begins the debate…do I admit defeat and split my stuff into two bags? (You’re allowed 2 checked bags per person, at 50lbs each) or do I try to go through my stuff again and take it out?

My problem is that I over pack. Every single time. I like to be prepared for whatever we may face, and I hate the idea of having to choose between only a couple of outfits for 10 days. I mean, what if I got a shirt dirty in the morning and had to change, but I only allocated so many shirts for the visit? Things happen. I may spontaneously decide that we are going to go out dancing. I may not. Do I limit myself by not bringing something for dancing? Ugh.

I’m also facing the dreaded body image issues. I’ve gained a lot of weight over the last year and haven’t completely come to terms with the body that I’m in now. I really actively try not to let it get me down, but it’s hard knowing I’m going to be in a bathingsuit in front of strangers for two weeks. Ugh.

I do have to say though… if this is my biggest stress right now, then life is good. :)

Edit: I’d like the add…the most difficult part of packing? Making sure my phone is up to date on all my music. We both have old Sony Ericsson Walkman cellphones. While they can’t even begin to compare to the smart phones of today, they are pretty good for acting as a stand-in mp3 player.

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