Merry Yule!

I feel like I just wished you all a happy Samhain, and here we are already! We’re not planning on doing much until my sister arrives from Calgary, so it will be a relatively quiet night for us (unless you count driving a car with a faulty transmission across the city twice to transport a Queen sized bed). Once my sister is here and nicely settled, we’ll have a nice dinner and maybe even do a small ritual.

Today is my last day of work and then I am off until the 3rd. I’m really excited to spend this time with my sister and my husband, which for me, is what the holidays are all about.

As usual, here is a link to my friend Laura. She always writes the most beautiful pieces on the sabbats and esbats. This is certainly no exception. Here are two great articles on Yule and the importance of embracing your darkness at this time of year. I’ve also included a link that she makes in her piece to a wonderful article about respecting both the light and dark at Yule. Enjoy!
1. Dreaming in the Solstice Eclipse by Laura Marjorie Miller
2. Blessings of Yultide Light and Dark by Cora Wen

Many blessings to you and yours for the new year <3


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