Tuesday is here again

Outside my window… is the freezing cold. It’s bitter cold out there today, which sort of suits my mood.

I am thinking… about family. Where we were a year ago today and how so much can change in such a short time. I can’t wait for this estate to be done.

I am thankful for… tea, biscuits (which were a MASSIVE success yesterday. Seriously, I am so proud of myself. They were AWESOME), gifts. I’m wearing a gold locket that had been my paternal grandmother’s. My father gave it to me years ago. I’m wearing a ring that had been my mother’s, which I think was a gift ftom my father to her. I wore the beautiful shawl that I received in the  Stitch and Witch Ravelry group Yule swap. Wearing gifts is a comfort for me. It reminds me that I am cared about, loved. That there are people out there who are kind and who want to be there for me.

From the kitchen… I made chili for the first time last night! I know this isn’t a big deal for 95% of people, but I am not good in the kitchen. I am so proud of myself for making real meals. My crockpot is my new BFF.

I am wearing… My too-short pants with a pretty purple sweater. Layers and comfort office-wear. We’re having our biggest event of the year today, so I need to be all ready for running around campus, lifting, moving, etc…

I am creating… not much right now. Hopefully, when life calms down again, something.

I am going… a lot of places soon! End of the month, I’m going to a small suburb outside of Montreal to visit Pat’s aunt and uncle. In March I’m off to New Orleans with my buddy Isaac and then in May I’m off to Calgary to visit my sister!

I am reading… Tigana by Guy Gavriel Kay. It’s my sister in law’s favourite book. I’m enjoying it so far :)

I am hoping… that I can get through the next two months with my sanity intact.

I am hearing… too much talk about the Super Bowl.  I could care less.

Around the house… I have to find a place for all of the stuff we’re getting from the estate. Storage? I think so.

One of my favorite things… coming home to my husband and a meal I’ve made that has turned out and didn’t take a whole lot of work.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Survive today, and then backup my Dad’s website tonight. We can’t afford to keep it up anymore, so I’m going to save everything on my computer and figure out what to do with it later. I may just put it up on my site instead. Tomorrow I have my massage appointment. On Friday I’ll head back to the estate to keep working on it. This weekend, I’m hoping to get some cleaning done and maybe even some relaxing.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing…


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