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Happy Valentine’s Day! Food Porn for all!

Still not much time or energy, but I figured I’d pop by with a quick post full of pictures of food, tales of woe and a silly music video.

First, happy valentine’s day!

Next, the sad tail of my failbread:

I attempted the delicious looking guinness gingerbread of Nigella fame. Unfortunately, whether it be my substitution of sugars, agave nectar for syrup or too much vanilla, the bread turned into much more of a warm soggy pudding. It was AWFUL. I had a bite, as did Pat. Then it went to the garbage. So sad :(


Baking the Failbread

I am disappoint fo sho. Oh well. From there, we moved on to bigger and better things. What could be bigger and better than gingerbread?

Cheddar biscuits of DELICIOUSNESS!



Seriously one of the best things I’ve ever made in my life. EVAR. These were accompanied by a pretty decent chili, which was a winning pairing to be sure.



Went a little crazy with the Instagram filters there, sorry! Anyway, I was detecting a theme here. One disaster, one meh and one OMFG-I-COULD-EAT-THIS-FOREVER. This theme continued on to this weekend.

First, the disaster was my attempt at V-day treats. I attempted these tasties:

I baked the cake, let it cool. It was perfect and DELICIOUS. I found it terribly gratifying and liberating to pick up that perfect cake and DESTROY IT. I mashed in the can of icing with my barehands and had a blast doing it. I cooled it and everything seemed to be going great…Unfortunately, after working out beautifully for 6 balls, the chocolate coating started burning and clumping and being TERRIBLE. I’m going to try again tonight, but overall, I ended up with a ton of burnt chocolate, pots that refuse to be cleaned, a burnt finger and no treats to bring into work today. The ones that did work out were delicious though


Yum. If only the others didn't suck.

Next up was the meh. My husband is obsessed with Subway’s Meatball subs, so I decided to give it the ol’ homemade try. I used this recipe. I’m not sure if it was the mix of lean local beef with the lean pork, or the weird tomato sauce I used (Stupid biggest loser recipe), but it just didn’t taste…right. I didn’t even finish it. Meh. There is a crockpot full of meatballs in the fridge and I don’t see either one of us touching it.

No pictures. They were too uninspiring.

Lastly, we have our HOLYEFFINGGODTHISISAWESOME. I made this. When I first saw the recipe, I knew this was going to be amazing. I am a potato fiend. I would gladly trade all the chocolate in the world for a lifetime of fries, chips and hashbrowns. The idea of putting all of that awesome into a bowl and calling it soup, I knew I was in for goodness.


Simmering away

I made mine with skins on, yellow potatos, cause that’s what I had. I used three leeks instead of two for extra flavour.

This soup, simply put, was heaven. I had it for dinner yesterday and dinner today. I will have it for lunch tomorrow. Make this soup. Love this soup.

And with that, my dears, I am running off again. Have a great Valentine’s day!