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Today is sort of like Tuesday, right?

Sorry folks, this long weekend messed me up and I totally forgot about the day book yesterday. Here it is, a wee bit late:

Outside my window… is the sun, which is trying to show us that spring is definitely on the way. Walking back from my appointment this morning, I could feel the sun on my back, which is a definite indicator of warm days to come. Woo!

I am thinking… everything that I have to do over the next few weeks. I’m insanely busy right up until the moment that I step onto New Orleans soil.

I am thankful for… day planners. I couldn’t even try to keep this all organized if I didn’t have a million calenders and lists going. What is my method? Well, I have my google calender linked on my iphone, so I can access it no matter where I am. I also have the Listomni app on my phone (expensive, let me warn you. I do use it for everything though, including groceries, to do lists, gift lists, movies we want to see, etc… You can also use it for budgets, which I may try for this trip.) I also have a pretty real day planner and diary. I make many lists. There’s just something about writing a list down that helps it stick in my memory.

From the kitchen… I have been too depressed to cook. I know how sad that sounds, but all I want is crap. Unfortunately, my body has noticed and I’m up in weight AGAIN. Ugh.

I am wearing… work clothes. Nothing exciting. I seriously need to go shopping sometime soon though. My dryer has destroyed all my little camisoles. Jerk.

I am creating… Not much, sadly. Lists and plans. The estate has me way too busy to do anything fun.

I am going… back and forth to the house a lot this week. Hopefully, by the time I leave for NO, LA. I will get a bit of a break

I am reading… Interview with a Vampire by Anne Rice. I had to get my mind ready for this trip :D

I am hoping… To get through this all. This has been an incredibly trying and lonely time for me.

I am hearing… that one of my oldest friends, who happens to be my first real ex, is coming to town for work. I’m looking forward to seeing him again after nearly 8 years.

Around the house… I have my luggage sitting, waiting to be packed. I’m started doing laundry

One of my favorite things… chai tea latte on a chilly day. May pick some up tonight on our way out.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Too much. This weekend we’re doing a big move to get my stuff out of the estate. Lots of estate business.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing…

2 thoughts on “Today is sort of like Tuesday, right?”

  1. I totally understand dryers vs. camisoles… mine risk their lives every time they step into the dryers in my apartment building. I also hope you did get out for that chai latte. :)

    1. Poor poor camis :( I’m thinking I need to pick up a garment bag or something. :(

      I didn’t, sadly. For the best in the end, because I’m sure I would have been hopped up on all that caffeine and I wouldn’t have been able to sleep when I finally got home last night.

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