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Heap of Love

It’s a very busy week here in the land of Heather. Lots of packing, sorting, cleaning, planning, calling and stressing. Hopefully, with this weekend’s close my life will calm down a little bit.

Unfortunately, I can’t talk about most of that stuff, but what I can do is promote something great: My beautiful sister, Tracy, has started a blog about her art! She’s currently a student at the Alberta College of Art and Design, and will be graduating this spring. She’s an amazingly talented textile artist who you should definitely check out.

As a little knitting aside: She learned to knit socks over Christmas, while visiting us. We went down to one of my favourite local shops, picked up some yarn and together, we picked out a pattern for her.  Here is her knitting before heading home to Calgary:

I will give a little update once the weekend is over, hopefully with stuff I can actually elaborate on. <3