Daily Life

Adventure time!

So I have some baggage...

So long, everyone! Tonight I’m getting on a plane, which will take me to catch another plane, which will get me to another plane, which will, eventually, get me to the lovely city of New Orleans.

The weather looks like it’s going to be quite mild, so I’ve packed a lot of clothes for layering, especially because I seem to have fallen into my old curse. What curse, you ask? Apparently, whenever I travel without my husband, I am to be struck down by the evils of a massive cold/flu/sinus infection. I’ve been home sick since Monday afternoon, on a large cocktail of drugs and am hoping that by the time I land in NO this evening, I will be feeling much better. In the mean time, I’m drinking lots of fluids, carrying around a Puffs box everywhere I go and praying. A lot.

I promise to take lots of pictures and to return with tales of adventure and voodoo :)

Have a good one, folks! See you when I return!


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