Days 6, 7, 8.

day 06 – a song that reminds you of somewhere

Wish You Were Here, Incubus. I listened to this song a lot right before I left for my amazing trip to St. Kitts. I won a trip through Much Music (Canada’s version of MTV back in the day), and decided to bring my best friend, Melissa, instead of my oldest friend, Brytani, or my boyfriend (now husband) Pat. I thought about them a lot while I was gone, listening to this song.

day 07 – a song that reminds you of a certain event

Parasol, Tori Amos. This song was a huge source of strength for me. I listened to it a lot around the time that Mum’s cancer was getting worse. Every call, every oncology visit, every update, I was prepared for whatever storm we were about to face. I relate this song to that time, of Mum and Dad, and my time as their caregiver.

day 08 – a song that you know all the words to

Home for a Rest, Spirit of the West. This is a Canadian anthem. It’s played at every wedding. It’s sang to, danced to, and loved by all (at least, anyone with awesomeness)

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