Spring is flying by

I know it’s funny to say, as so many of us have been plagued by winter-like weather for the last while (after a teasing day or two of warmth and sunshine), but I feel like spring is going to race by me, leaving me dazed and confused at the end of June.

I have so much going on until then, that I can’t help but feel like I have to just ride the wave and hope to come out the other side intact.

This weekend was lovely. Friday, Pat and I had a bit of a date night. We ordered in pizza, watched an action flick (Faster, with Dwayne Johnson. Basically, Kill Bill but with muscle cars and The Rock) and basically just relaxed after a very long stressful week. Saturday morning, I dealt with some estate business that I knew would result in some drama (but had to be done. Literally, it’s part of my job as executor), followed by CLEAN ALL THE THINGS. We’ve really been neglecting the house lately. I don’t think we’ve ever been so bad about dishes before. It literally took me all day to finish washing them all.

After a really cleansing day of cleaning, we were joined by our good friends S and K (S was one of my bridesmaids, as I was one of hers. She and I went to University together and now she’s one of my closest friends). K and Pat were off to a bachelor party for the evening, so S and I occupied ourselves with some shopping (she was in desperate search of a 50s style dress for our friend’s theme wedding in May) and then dinner at a pub. I had a delicious boxty (one of my all time favourite food things) while we talked babies, friends, school and family. We wrapped up the evening back at my place for some tea and conversation before I sent her home to pick up her baby girl from her Mum, who graciously offered to watch her for the evening. K and Pat got home LATE (or early, I  guess, as it was around 4am), having had a really good time.

Today, I’m looking at all the plans we have coming up, trying not to let it overwhelm me (Social anxiety tends to rear it’s ugly head every so often. MANY MANY plans is a sure fire way to get it going). I mean, it’s all amazing things for the most part, so I’m really looking forward to all of it. I’m not sure if I’ll attend all of the following, by here’s a look at the next few months:

This week: Monday, one of my amazing teachers at Mothercraft is being honoured at a going-away party. She’s leaving Mothercraft for a local health organization. She’s one of the most incredible people I’ve ever known and has completely shaped the way I look at birth. Tuesday, there’s an information session of midwifery in the area that I’d like to attend. Wednesday, I’m getting together with my friend Krista for chats and crafts :D Saturday is going to be an Easter celebration with the family.

Upcoming:  The 30th is a friend’s bachelorette and the boys are having a UFC night. The 7th of May is our friend’s 50 themed wedding, the 14th I leave for Calgary to visit my sister and attend her graduation from ACAD. The 21st I get back. The 12th of June is my birthday and my dear friend L may be in town. The 30th is the closing date on my mother’s house. Oh, look, then it’s summer!

Meanwhile, I do believe I’ve owed you some things for a while, so I’m going to share those!

1. Here’s the video of the band I saw in New Orleans. Sorry for the quality, but I am short (5’3″) and it was a PACKED club. Like, you every inch was full of people, and then the crowd spilled outside. I was up against the bar.

2. I had mentioned putting up a few items at home, including the broom that has been in my family for as long as I can remember. Here are a couple of shots

My kitchen, leading outside. The broom is on the left of the door.

The broom

I wish I knew more about it. Where it came from, why my Mum had it. Oh well, at least I have it in my home now.

I was going to post more, but my friend Isaac has asked to take me out for a quick coffee, and who I am to turn down a handsome fellah?

More pictures to come!

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