Happy Easter

Here’s to long weekends, folks! I have to say, this week has been awesome for not being in the office. I am more than thrilled to not be waking up early tomorrow. Pat and I are thinking about taking advantage of the day off and the early polling options and make our vote tomorrow.  On that note, here’s a touch of Mr. Mercer:

Also, because it’s funny to see old pictures, take a look at The Vintage Voter.

Meow, Mr. Layton!

Mr. Layton sure was a fox! Meanwhile, Steve Harper looks even creepier as a young man, if it’s even possible.  And that, my dear readers, is as political as I’ll get here. I’m not a big fan of talking about my own personal politics in public (Long story, I am the pagan leftist anglo arts-loving daughter of two extremely conservative anglo military parents. I grew up in a very christian conservative french community).

So, after voting (which, if you’re Canadian, you should do too. Not necessarily tomorrow, but in general), we’ll relax and do a whole lot of nothing (my plans include continuing to be a bad ass with a bad attitude on Dragon Age 2. My beloved Fenris actually digs me this time around! So far! Mostly!). Saturday involves a quick trip to Chiro, followed by a trip to the grocery store (which will be NUTS. I will console myself with chocolate), and then off to the in-laws for Easter celebrations, assuming the nephew’s plague goes away and no one else catches it. Sunday will be spent keeping myself busy and doing my best at not thinking about this time last year. Monday, sadly, I’m back to work.

Oh! I forgot to mention this the other day, but I’m putting together a “Sales/Swap” page here at Ye Olde Blog. I have saved some of my Mum’s vintage crochet patterns and would like them to go to someone who will appreciate them.

This is under construction for sure, as I have to add 90% of her collection stuff. I may add other stuff to the page in time too, we’ll see. I do have a lot of de-stashing to do. You can find the page as a new tab, just under my banner. Or, you can click here.  I’m planning on taking pictures of the some of the patterns within, hopefully this weekend.

So, have a great long weekend all! Happy Easter to those that celebrate. Enjoy some super tasty chocolate :D

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