Monthly Goals

After my monster post the other day, I think it’s a good idea for me to post month goals to keep myself in check, as inspired by the lovely Kate.

1. Financial/Admin

  • Work out a more defined budget to reflect my change in hours at work
  • Discuss food/lunch options with Pat so as to save money there
  • Work towards all accounts merged into joint.
  • Renew plates for Subaru
  • Renew my license
  • Get our taxes done

2. Work

  • Keep an eye out for permanent positions (on going)

3. Estate

  • Reorganize all of the bills and accounts
  • Get everything up to date
  • Make a list of all of my items/value
  • Prepare a list of accounts
  • Empty the house
  • Film the house before closing

4. House

  • Go through bathrooms and makeup schtuff and get rid of products I haven’t used in the last 6 months or that have expired.
  • Go through office and sort through papers
  • Make a list of things we want from The Bay & Home Outfitters. Our wedding discount is about to expire
  • Look into deck cleaning options that work with the water ban
  • Find out if Subaru is dead for good

5. Fitness/Health

  • Go for at least  45-60min walks 5/week (aiming for once a day)
  • Cut down on caffeine intake (2 tea/coffee/pop per day, max)
  • Drink 1L of water/day
  • Cut out my after work pre-dinner snack, and make dinner earlier instead.
  • Make dinner 3x per week
  • Take my vitamins daily

6. Mental Health/Personal Wellness

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