A peek at the past week (how I’ve been): Hot. Effing hot, people. 32 degrees IN THE HOUSE. I am not made for this crap. Ahem, aside from the heat, things have been ok. My mother’ s house closed without incident. I hosted a baby shower for the amazing S&K which went really well. I was sick for Canada Day, so I just stayed in and lived in my PJs. Over all, good week.

I am thinking… about what to wear for my friend’s wedding this weekend. Brytani is one of my oldest friends (we met when we were around 6 yrs old), and this Saturday she’s marrying the love of her life at one of the most beautiful venue’s in town: The NAC. Amaaaaazing! I have a dress in mind, but, for whatever reason, I always second guess myself around this group of people. I want to look my best, ya know? Anyway, we’ll see. We may also have to find something for Pat to wear if his suit doesn’t fit.

I am thankful for…Air conditioning at work :D Yah yah, I’ll move on, I promise. I’m also thankful for the sketchy iphone case dealer I found on the internetz! I broke my beautiful plaid case that I had before (which was purchased for about 50$ because I dropped and cracked my new iphone within a week of buying it). I found this guy after seeing the gorgeous Cath Kidson cases on pinterest: I did a search and found a guy in toronto selling these cases for cheap and shipping them for a really reasonable price. Purchased, recieved and now loved:

Love it!

My husband and in-laws think that this is further proof that I’m a 98 year old woman trapped in a 28 year old woman’s body. I’m ok with this.

From the kitchen… Did a bit of cooking this week, but was too exhausted to take pictures of it. Instead, I give you images from pinterest!

 The first item on the menu this week was paired with stuffed chicken breasts. This has definitely turned out to be my favourite way to bake potatoes. Super tasty too!

Baked Hasselback Potatoes

Here’s the recipe that I followed. I had difficulty getting the tasty mix in between the cuts in the potatoes, so it was a bit more a pain than I expected, but turned out really good. Not ideal for summer cooking though, let me tell you. Better on the BBQ I think.
Next up: Taquitos! These were eaten with a mixed green salad and ranch dipping sauce.

Creamy Beef Taquitos

Here’s the recipe. By the way, that site rocks. It lists a meal plan for the week, with a complete shopping list and all the recipes. Love it! Anyway, this recipe was good, but would definitely work better with smaller tortillas. We used the big ones and found that they were too much to handle by hand, which made dipping difficult. Also, I didn’t find it that creamy. I would definitely recommend adding more cheese or perhaps avacado.

I am wearing…My new capris/office shorts. Love them! I want a ton more, in different colours! These ones:

From Ricki's

I am creating… Nothing to see here folks, move along. Move along.

I am going… to hopefully see A Perfect Circle this weekend! They are performing on Sunday evening. Woo!

I am reading… Catching Fire, by Suzanne Collins. The second book of the Hunger Games series, which I am loving so far.

I am hoping… for the weather to break a bit. It’s been way too hot for me. Also, I’m hoping that estate stuff improves, that we have a good time at the wedding this weekend and that we can get our A/C fixed soon.

I am hearing… More of The Weepies, lots of Tori Amos and some Dragonette.

Around the house…I don’t even want to talk about the house. I haven’t been able to clean much because we’ve been so busy, sick and hot. I tidied up this past weekend, but then we did some dog sitting for my BiL, which made my washing of the kitchen floors a useless activity. That’s ok, they were so cute, I immediately forgave them:

My new BFF, Lucie, and the dejected Maddie.

Mia, ready for a nap on Maddie's bed.

One of my favorite things…Finding a book to get lost in. I wasn’t expecting to enjoy Hunger Games as much as I am, but I read the entire first book in one day. It’s made the stress of this past week much more bearable. 

A few plans for the rest of the week: Some shopping for wedding gifts and wedding outfits, the wedding itself, hopefully a concert and then back to work next week. I’m also starting my part time hours, so starting next week I have fridays off. Woo!

Here is picture! Yay!

Another winner from pinterest

2 thoughts on “

  1. I hope you are no longer sick and feeling better from the other day.
    I too am all about finding the best deal, you’d swear I was an old lady too!
    I have never heard of hassle back potatoes before and after seeing that picture you have seriously made me want one. Mmmm.

    Oh, and I swear we must have the same taste in music… I love, love, love A Perfect Circle. Amazing. Have fun at the concert! Do you like Tool as well?

    Hear from you soon I hope.

    • I’m definitely feeling much better, thank you!
      Heh! My husband laughs at me all the time. I’m a sucker for sales, deals and bargains. Didn’t help that the specific item I was excited about had an “old lady design” according to him.
      They are fantastic! The only recommendation that I’d make is to be careful of the amount of olive oil you use. I found the recipe called for too much.

      I really enjoy Tool! I’ve seen them in concert twice now :D I’m not as familiar with their discography though (same goes with Puscifer, though I haven’t seen them in concert). Generally speaking, if Maynard’s involved, I’m into it :)

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