Wednesday Day Book

Monday was a civic holiday, so it’s soooooort of Tuesday today. It’s close enough, right? Right.

A peek at the past week (how I’ve been): Not good for the most part. See password protected post for more (message me with your email address if you’d like the password). On the up side I got to meet S&K’s new baby boy, which was AWESOME!

I am thinking… about family and estate law, my plans for the rest of the month, the fact that it’s almost fall (YAY!!!)

I am thankful for… tea, my husband, my friends, and that new baby smell. Honestly, they get me through the rough patches.

From the kitchen… Nothing this week, though I’m hoping to make my Mum’s banana bread sometime this week, which I’ll share with you when I do.

I am wearing…my brown dress with my schnazzy bedazzled cami from Ricki’s underneath. Love it :D

I am creating… nothing. Been too stressed and down. Thinking about socks and crochet though, so that’s something!

I am going… Montreal at the end of the month/early September! :D WOO!

I am reading… A Feast For Crows. I am just devouring this series! Also looking forward for my Amazon order to come in. I have Jim Butcher’s Ghost Story on the way. MUST KNOW WHAT HAPPENS TO HARRY!

I am hoping… for some peace. For some healing. Some relief from my blues and maybe some inspiration to be creative again.

I am hearing… Lots of Sarah Harmer.

Around the house…Not much. Finally got our wedding photobook done and am waiting for it to arrive. Can’t wait to see it!

One of my favorite things…Painting my nails. My current colour? Merino Cool:


Merino Cool by Essie

A few plans for the rest of the week: Date night with the husband this weeken (hopefully going out to dinner), relax a bit. I need “Me” time.

Here is picture! Yay!

5 thoughts on “Wednesday Day Book

  1. OooOoo Montreal! That’s exciting! Are you going just for fun? do you know anyone there?
    Friends of mine are moving there this week, driving all the way from Winnipeg! I’m planning to visit them in the Spring, can’t wait!! The farthest east I’ve been in Canada is Toronto, and that was just to sit in the airport on several occasions, so really, can’t wait!!

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