Tuesday Day Book

A peek at the past week (how I’ve been): Up and down. Some days have been amazing, some days have been low. We’ve been making some hard decisions about our pets and the house. Mystie, the Ancient Cat, isn’t doing well and we’re talking about when/if we’ll be putting her down. Also, we’ve decided to find the snakes a new home. It’s been tough. On top of that, thanks to the school year beginning, I have my first cold of the season. I’m sniffly and my throat is killing me.On the plus side, I’ve had some awesome conversations this week with S, my sister Tracy and my Momma Mila.

I am thinking… a lot. About family, the changes in our lives the last few years, the approaching anniversary of my Dad’s death, about pets, death and how hard it is to decide when it’s time to end a pet’s life.

I am thankful for… ginger tea, my husband, my best friends, and autumn. I am not made for warm weather so this sudden dip in the temperature has been a blessing for me.

From the kitchen… Not much, sadly. I’m cooking all the regular fair, but nothing terribly exciting. I’m thinking about making Posie’s soup again, or maybe my potato soup. Yay for fall soups!

I am wearing…new tweed pants, and my brown tree underpants.

I am creating… a big craft project, and not much else. Been too tired and busy.

I am going… try to relax this week. No major plans, thank god.

I am reading… Dance with Dragons. Just started last night. eee!! Also reading some mindless fluff, No Humans Involved by Kelly Armstrong.

I am hoping… for peace and quiet, a long autumn, some inspiration for crafting.

I am hearing… the same old, but I’m really excited about a lot of the upcoming albums! We have some Rachael Yamagata, The Weepies,

Laura Marling – A Creature I Dont Know, Florence and the Machine and, my favourite, Tori Amos’ Night Of Hunters (Deluxe CD+DVD)

Around the house…Lots of change. We’re hoping to do some major work to the house within the next 6 months. Starting this weekend, we’re going to be doing some purging, with plans to completely re-do the basement and either turn the space down there into a bedroom or an office. We’re not sure yet.

One of my favorite things…Saturday morning tea/coffee after Chiro. It’s become a small ritual of ours. After chiro, we walk to the nearby Bridgehead and get me some tea. Yum.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Not much, thank goodness. I seriously need the downtime. Cleaning, purging, hanging out at home. That’s about it.

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