The Big Secret Craft Project

Something about the change in the season that inspires me to create, craft and clean. I’ve picked up the needles again, FINALLY, and completely started a project over again (specifically, a hat for my husband, who has been suffering through the winter without a proper toque for the last couple of years). Here is the Rav Pattern page for those interested. And a picture of a completed version:

A picture from the Rav pattern page

We’ve started going through boxes at home and have grand plans to seriously purge a ton of stuff. Both Pat and I inherited a ton of stuff from our parents and now that we have a bit of a separation from the emotional time that brought those items to us, we feel like we can start going through it all and sorting out what we love from what we held on to out of habit.

There’s something else that we’ve been working on for a little while now that I’ve hinted at a couple times. My big secret craft project.  Pat and I have started sharing the news, so I feel it’s time that I can write about it here. Here’s a hint from my rav queue:

Yeah, you can probably guess it now….

Pat and I are expecting our first child! 

It’s been an incredible journey so far, with lots of ups and downs. These days I’m exhausted ALL THE TIME, with a fluctuating appetite and all-freaking-day sickness that comes and goes (the first month was brutal, let me tell you.). Luckily, I’ve only gained a couple lbs, but I definitely have the beginning of a baby bump and am starting to wear maternity clothes more and more often.  We’ve had our first ultrasound and now that we know that everything looks good, we’re slowly telling our friends and loved ones. I’m due in April :)

My bump, as texted to my little sister, a little while ago.

As you can imagine, this has had a huge impact on us. I’ve been tired for the last three months and, for most of that, I’ve also felt like vomiting. We’ve started talking about what we need to do to the house before we can bring Baby home, so we’ve started focusing on that. (For instance, Baby is taking over my craft room, so I need to find a place to relocate that). I’ve even started to think about what baby things I want to knit and sew :D

So, that’s our big news! We’re really really excited and feel so blessed. Expect more pregnancy related posts now that I can talk about it :)

10 thoughts on “The Big Secret Craft Project

  1. YAY! I totally knew it from reading your recent tweets! No one is that tired unless expecting – or perhaps it is because I am also expecting so I totally get right where you are – we are due in Feb so it seems I am about two months ahead of you in the game – let me know if you have any questions. You have a midwife or OB? Email me back if you want to chat not over blog comments :)


    • Heh, I’m not so sneaky about my bitching ;) CONGRATS BY THE WAY! I will definitely be emailing! <3 Oh! And I nearly forgot to answer your question! We're going with the Midwifery Group of Ottawa, with plans to deliver at the Montfort :D

  2. Heather, I am so, so excited for you. Congratulations!

    & to answer your question about the red ink: so far I haven’t really noticed too much annoyance from the red ink. It’s still pretty tender to the touch but then again I have never been tattooed for almost 5 hours straight.

  3. Congratulations! What a sweet blessing to have a new baby and be a new mother. As you know, I am the Dark Mother, so my suggestions as for preparation (mentally and emotionally that is) is to educate yourself ahead of time about postpartum depression/anxiety/OCD and the like. They are much more common than you think and I always glazed over those passages in the myriad of books I read. When it hit me I had no idea what to do. This is not a downer comment, I promise you, it is just my advice as a woman who lives on both sides of the light and dark.

    Again, congratulations, you are beautiful and glowing!

  4. Oh my goodness!! Congrats hun! Oh this is so exciting! Looking forward to sharing your journey on here and meeting your little one :) There’s so much change going on in life right now, I dunno what it is, but it’s sure not just me. You have such a big lovely heart I know you’re gonna make a great momma and from the way you talk about Pat I’m sure he will be a great support to you and a wonderful dad.
    Much love and hugs!

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