Thank you!

Thank you so much for all of your sweet and kind comments! You guys are the best :) Pat and I are feeling really really blessed right now. We are completely “out” now, having announced it here, on facebook and on twitter. We’ve both told our employers and our co-workers. All of our friends and family now know.  It’s such a huge weight off my shoulders to be able to talk about this (and boy, do I talk about it!), and share my experiences with people.

We’re now in the lovely wonderful world of Week 12, where a lot of the fears start to fade away and you can start to enjoy being pregnant (though, not today. Today I have some of the All-Freaking-Day sickness, which only tea seems to tackle even a little bit. All while also having seasonal allergies which I can’t take anything for. GOOD TIMES). We have our next midwife appointment in 2 weeks and I’m very excited to start talking about this baby and my pregnancy.

I’m still exhausted, all the time, so unfortunately, I haven’t been up to much. Lots of TV, some cleaning and a return to playing Dragon Age 2. I’ve been trying to go for walks with my husband, to get some activity, but it’s been hard to work up the energy, especially when the husband gets home so late. I’m looking into taking either prenatal yoga or prenatal aqua fit. It is so strange to be thinking about these things!

In other news, we had a bit of a hard weekend this past week. The anniversary of my Dad’s death was Saturday, which is always tough. Dad and I were very very close, and he died extremely suddenly (heart attack, at home). Also, this weekend, we donated our pet snakes to a local reptile dealer and educator.

Pat and I have had Pele and Sal for a while. Since mid-way through University. I know some of you may not understand, but we loved our boys (or so we thought were boys. The Reptile Guy, Norm, informed me that my snake was a lady snake!). We just couldn’t do it any more. With the snakes, we had 6 pets. It’s just too much with a little one on the way. The snakes are now with a lovely man who will use them to teach children about snakes and who will give them all the attention and love that they deserve.

Our snake babies:

Me and Pele, a few years ago (note the SUPER RED hair)

Pat and Sal

It was really really hard to watch them go. It’s been hard at night, when we’re so used to hearing them move around. Lucky for us, Norm has told us that we can come by any time to visit them if we need to.

Meanwhile, near the end of the weekend, our ancient kitty, Mystie, started having health issues. Sigh. Yeah, so, it’s been hard (especially when I’m super hormonal and emotional). Wish us (and poor Mystie) luck and health. Hopefully it’s nothing serious. We’re keeping an eye on her. If she gets any worse or if it continues, we’re going to take her in (She’s 15, so going into the vet at this point is probably going to be her last visit).

Mystie from many years ago.

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