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Musical Sunday

Not sure if it’s the rainy cold weather or the pregnancy hormones, but I have been one cranky blue bitch today. I’m impatient, tired and in no mood to put up with anyone or anything. My husband has been smart and hiding in his computer games, so I’ve decided to take some time to flee upstairs and cheer myself up (or at least do something to distract myself from my unhappy belly).

What better way than to listen to some new tunes. On my radar today: The new Tori Amos album (!), the new Weepies album (note, this will launch some tunes, so be aware) and, thanks to this tumbler page (which I adore, btw), I came across The Civil Wars.

Here is a selection of those:

This Tori Album is very thematic. She definitely has more of a classical feel to it, and has welcomed her daughter to participate in vocals as a character in the story. It’s definitely an odd album, but I really like it so far.

Apparently, this song was featured in Rachel McAdam’s new flick. I love me some Weepies, thanks to my sister. It instantly transports me back to Calgary and our road trip to Banff, which was a wonderful time for Tracy and I. Loving this new album. Definitely great for the fall.

Wow, right? Love them. How did I miss them?

Meanwhile, one I haven’t mentioned yet, introduced to me by my good friend, Isaac (most likely discovered one his journey to the UK this summer), Frank Turner:

We listened to this a lot on the weekend he was down for a quick visit home (I count myself very lucky to have caught him for two visits while he was in town. He is a Rambling Man for sure.)

Enjoy :D

2 thoughts on “Musical Sunday”

  1. I’ve been craving new music big time and just did a big search all last week. I’ll have to check these out! I hope you’re feeling less cranky and blue. Knitting (crocheting for me) and listening to good tunes can be very cathartic.

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